Thursday, 4 April 2013

Whiling away the hours.

Junior AKA Woody for national book day.
Oh I had such a lazy restful day yesterday. I walked Ben while Bertie had a snooze on the sofa. Then I pottered around my potting shed and arranged and rearranged a few bits and bobs. Bertie kept me company While Ben just soaked up some rays.

I managed to assemble the centers of all the blocks for Marina's quilt and cut out the side pieces, these are now stacked up ready to sew.
I want to add a narrow border, 2 to 3 inches before quilting so I will be playing with going through my stash of fabric to find this, if all else fails I will have to bite the bullet and go to my local quilt shop and buy some, sighs deeply. I then have to think about backing, I have some very pretty Laura Ashley material that I got for a song when the Kings Lynn store closed, let me tell you that I was there 5 times watching the prices falling before I swooped in and spent "how bloody much) and bought (it will not fit in the car) amounts I think the end total was over 50mtrs, all at much less than half price. I did miss out on some fabric that sold out before it came down to my price but hey you have to set a limit and stick to it

I have 2 boiled fruit cakes in the oven, they are so quick and easy to make and we all love them. I will post a picture and the recipe tomorrow.
While we are talking about cake a few of the blogs that I follow are discussing weight issues. Let me 'fess up, I have some lovely clothes that no longer fit me. No they did not shrink I have expanded,  Last year was a no go gardening summer and it turned into an "every day is baking day" time for me. Add in the extra shifts that I worked because of illness and the fact that i broke my wrist so had several weeks when I could not dog walk. recipe for disaster. I got on the scales at work and oh dear! 70Kg that is wearing my very sexy steel toecapped safety boots and my Made to measure for a giant chiller suit plus my hard hat.

It is too much so I have to take action, next week when I finally start my 3 day week I am off to investigate the Slimming World group that meets in the nearest town. It is that or sew my mouth up!

News Flash. There is talk that we may be having a Post Office counter in our village shop, Icing On the Cake is what it will be.
Right I am off to smell the cakes, smelling is all I will be doing to them, sob sob. TTFN   Pam

The pic of Junior is just a bit of Grandmother Showing Off.


  1. Junior or should I say Woody looks great!

    Fingers Crossed about the PO.

    I loved hearing about your raid on the LA store. And well done for sticking to your price. Punch would say 'That's the way to do it'

    Sft x

    1. I love good fabric at the right price. Sometimes what I need is to be found in the mens shirts section of the charity shop, I still set my price and will not waiver.


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