Thursday, 18 April 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I checked my emails today to find that I have won 2 fat quarters of a beautiful print from Texas. I entered a giveaway in the " April Showers Mug Rug" blog hop and won this,

This is the Bluebonnet, the national flower of Texas, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and intend to buy some yardage, I won this on the  More Stars in Comanche blog, I often follow these blog hops and when I am a bit more confident (and have the time) I will take part in one, perhaps there is a UK blogger who is in the know who would be able and willing to host one.
I have it in mind to make these into mug rugs in the spirit of the theme and then perhaps have a little giveaway competition.

I have been to Lynn and got the bulb for the Toyota and got the little Janome sorted so I am all set for sewing but it will be tomorrow.

Dinner tonight is a pack of the bacon chops, I have put them on a bed of diced onion and apple, spread them with some wholegrain mustard and drizzled Maple Syrup over. They will go into a moderate oven for an hour covered and then I will bang the heat up and cook them on for about 20 minutes uncovered, we will have baked sweet potatoes and cauliflower cheese with them.

While I was in Lynn I took the time to buy Michael his birthday gift, I know what he would like and I found it with no problem it is now in hiding, he reads the blog via email so I will just delete it from his in box before he sees it.

I hope that they spend many happy hours together in his "man cave" AKA the shed.

I have to make this a quickie as I have a hot date that will not wait

I will happily press every seam that I sew and every piece of fabric however small but I hate, loath and detest ironing, I have to iron just about everything and I have to do it properly, my granny again, I can feel her looking over my shoulder if I skimp on it. TTFN   Pam


  1. My package of blocks arrived today,thanks, and I can happily vouch for your ironing skills which judging by the seams on the blocks must be black belt level LOL, granny would have been well impressed!

    1. Oh and meant to say lovely fabric that you won, a nice bit of karma there ,don't you think :)

    2. What goes round comes round, is an old saying another one is do unto others etc. I still blame Granny, my Mum worked and as we all lived together Granny had me in my formative years. Even as teenager I could only go so far before I reined myself in. Enjoy your sewing.

  2. Ha! Hope you got the post deleted before your man saw his birthday present!

    We are having bacon chops tomorrow, you've given me such a good idea to oven bake them; I was going to grill but this looks so much nicer - and I think the chops will be moister.

    My husband can't get his head round the fact that I too will happily iron away at 'sewing fabric' yet put off the 'proper' ironing til I am scrabbling round for something to wear!!

    1. Mission accomplished the post magically went and when he said
      that he had not got it I told him Outlook was on the blink. The chops were very moist, the maple syrup just took away the salt and gave a deep flavour, if I just want sweetness I use Agave Syrup.

  3. Chops look lovely, I cooked mine in the oven too they were lovely and moist.

    Nice to hear you have won something after having a couple of giveaways, the fabric is gorgeous.

    I HATE ironing, I find if I don't do it straight off the line it can sit there for days and get added to until it falls over! Hubby will do the washing and peg it out and bring it in and fold it but ironing is a NO NO

  4. Win win all round then, Michael can do anything in the house that I can, and often does when I want/need to spend a day sewing. It was lovely to win the fabric, I heard today that I won an embroidery pattern as well.


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