Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Here I am, back from town, eyes sorted and purse emptied. My prescription has changed dramatically, especially in my left eye. I have early cataracts which will need dealing with at some point in the future. There is no time scale on this as it varies so much, however as both my Mum and Granny had them it will be sooner rather than later. When it happens I will have replacement lenses and they will bring my vision up to a normal level.

Even with all the lovely offers I had to cough up £315, but that is for 2 pairs, I have to have a high spec lens and a coating of some sort to help clarity. I was advised to use daylight lamps to work by and to avoid night driving until I have my new specs.

I now need to search for these lamps and to put brighter bulbs in my wall lights, we are going to look like Blackpool illuminations.

I asked about contacts but he said that they would not help me to see better so left that alone.

I soaked some chick peas overnight and they are in the slow cooker burbling away. Once soft I will drain them, stir in some rough chopped mushrooms, mix some curry powder with  cumin seeds and a little garlic and a splosh of veg oil and stir this into the mix. It will take 15 minutes to roast and I will have a tray of par boiled sweet potato, butternut squash chunks and some red onion roasting on the top shelf. As these take longer I will put an Apple Crumble in before the chickpeas. I like the oven to run full.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Eyes OK with a reasonably clean bill of health.

2. Tasty and very cheap dinner on the horizon.

3. Work is slowing down for a while.

4. Ben is the picture of health.

5. My garden is still full of colour.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday weeding and pruning a long narrow bed and it has shown a few gaps, a trip round my seed packets is called for, I need to have plants ready to go in next spring.

I spent a while playing with some Christmas fabrics and made a few pincushions. I realised that my 1/4" foot on Little Gem is a bit on the generous side, it only really has any effect when I use smaller blocks and these were finished size 3", well at least they should have been. There is no facility to move the needle over so I am going to customize the foot. I figure that if I glue a sliver of plastic to the inside edge of the foot it should do the trick. It is worth a try anyway.
I have signed up to join a mug rug swap and I want to do some tiny piecing so I really must resolve this issue. I am am also in a Santa Swap, I  have made a Santa Sack and will put one of the pincushions in, I plan on making a mug rug with a little pocket for a couple of biscuits and a small cushion. An infinity scarf and a Tree decoration and possibly some chocolate will fill it up.
I am having fun pulling books and magazines out and going through all the handmade goodies. When I get my new specs I will be off and running.

No photos today, my eyes are a little blurry and David Bailey I am not.                             TTFN                  Pam


  1. Hi it's FM here, long time follower. My blog has moved to:
    Can I ask you to publicise this please as something horrid has happened and I can't access any of my old blog or the last four years' worth of blogs - aaargh!! This means I can't find my list of 400+ follwers either, and I genuinely love to spread a little bit of happiness through my blog. Many thanks, FM xxxxx

  2. I have the same eye problems as you, it seems...NOT looking forward to cataract surgery..I HATE people messing with my eyes!
    Instead of glueingbsome to your 1/4 " foot, you could measure it and put a bit of tape to mark 1/4" on the plate below the needle. Might be a bit less messy! Luckily, mine is accurate (Bernina), but I have had friends do this.
    Just want to say I love your blog and am awed at all you accomplish daily!

  3. OW, that was a bit of a stinger, wasn't it? But eyesight is precious, you need to do what you need to do.
    Yes, you scan mark your plate with tape or permanent felt tip at the 1/4 inch mark, as Linda suggests.

  4. Thank you for the advice, I only have this issue with Little gem and she has a very curvy top,and a small one at that. I have used a strip of masking tape and then have to move it to change the bobbin. Basically I am a lazy blogger and want a 100 year fix in seconds.
    The cataract op is so simple now, lens replacement is one of the most commonly performed ops and very straight forward. I own up to hoping that I have to have it soon, it will do away with my specs except for driving.


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