Monday, 30 September 2013

A Gentle Slide into Autumn

I have spent an unhurried day finishing the laundry, all is ironed and put away. Rootling through the larder and cupboards planning meals. Reading emails and blog posts, dipping in and out of a few books and boxing up another batch of donations and taking them to the local Charity shop. I also changed my library books, all chewing gum for the brain easy reading fiction.

As the season moves on I am slowing down, this is creeping into my awareness like the smell of a bonfire slides sneakily round the gardens. I like it, lots. I tend to rush around like a headless chicken, ticking things off my never shrinking list of must do chores. It can be tiring but it is how I am, most of the time.

I believe that the reason behind this is mundane. I have realised gradually that my night vision is deteriorating quite alarmingly. I can not sew in the evening without bright lights, I struggle to read unless I position a lamp to shine on the pages and night driving is a nightmare. I found myself with my nose up against the equipment screens at work,last week, squinting to read the numbers. I have an appointment with the Optometrist on Wednesday and I am scared witless. I have been paranoid about my eyes since I first wore spectacles at 9 years old, I have my eyes tested regularly and never postpone or cancel a sight test. I had a detached retina 11 years ago and was catapulted from the local doctors surgery to Lynn Hospital and on to Addenbrookes where I had the damage repaired by laser within 24 hours. It was instant and dramatic and I was lucky not to lose the sight in that eye. This has been hanging over me like the sword of Damocles and combined with the health concerns for Michael's Dad has made me slow down. I can not bring my appointment nearer by rushing and all the running in the world will not help Michael's Dad.

I am at work tomorrow night so intend to have another slow day, a little baking, some gentle sewing and an hour on the sofa with a new book and a long cold glass of my cordial. A couple of village walks with Ben and maybe a gossip along the way. I will hope that there is nothing seriously amiss but will cope with whatever comes up. I may need replacement lenses, if so perhaps I can get my Myopia dealt with at the same time, even if I have to pay for it myself.

No time for any more, Francesca has just arrived home.

                           TTFN      Pam


  1. I also hope that nothing is wrong when you get your eyes tested. Hope your day goes as planned tomorrow

  2. Pam, sending you and Michael loads of love. X


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