Monday 7 April 2014

A Busy Sort of Day.

First things first, I would like to welcome Paid in Chickens,M Stevens and Daisy Jones aboard, lovely to have you with us. As you all must have realised I can be a bit of an airhead at times, I have 2 other new followers,Tracey Webb and Vadam Wetzel. I may have welcomed you already, if so then ignore this, if not then you are most welcome.

Now for some joyful news.................. I have some valuations arranged for this week, 3 estate agents have been booked, I can hardly wait. I have done my research and have a fairly good idea of what my cottage is worth, I also have a pretty decent idea of what I will get for it without waiting for months. 
I did buy at just about the peak of the market and property has plummeted since then, prices are rising but slowly here and sales are also very slow. My friends a few houses away have had their house on the market for 5 months, they have dropped their price twice and have had a handful of viewings. The house that they wanted has sold and they are resigned to staying put for a while.
I have no intention of getting stuck in that quagmire. I bought this property with the profit from another house and a business, therefore in my eyes it owes me nothing. While I do not intend to give it away I do not have to pursue a high end price.

I have emptied cupboards today, while the rain trickled down the windows, and have a small mountain of things to sell, donate and dump. I have my fingers crossed for fair weather at the weekend so that I can do a car boot sale. Lots of things will be in the small adds in the local paper for the next 2 weeks.

I intend to only take the bare minimum with me, my plans do not include piles of possessions. Frost free fridge freezer anyone.

More happy talk, I have been edging my Granny Squares with the glorious red yarn.

The colour reproduction is not good, it has been so dull that I had to use electric light. I have 24 done, just the ends to weave in and another 150 or so to do and my blanket will be a reality.

This morning my new copy of Sew Magazine dropped through the letterbox.

The dress pattern came free and I like this shift style, I wore it a lot in my late teens. I will make the sleeveless version as, to me, the sleeves do not look as if they really belong to the dress.

I will not make this Table Runner but love the simple pattern that lets the fabrics sing, I have a thing about bright colours.
I have not been through the whole thing yet, I am saving it for a bit later, feet up, tea at my side and an hour to browse to my hearts content.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Lots of jobs crossed off my list.

2. Estate agents booked to value the cottage.

3. 2 large cupboards sorted and emptied.

4. 1 shed cleared, contents gone.

5. The rain stopped long enough for Ben to have a decent walk.

I am now looking at the kitchen and dreading having to whittle it down. I know that I have too much stuff, too many tins and pyrex dishes, enough tea towels for a small hotel and so on, but it is going to be difficult deciding what goes and what stays.

On that mournful note I am off to make tea and cheer myself up. I would have a slice of cake but am stuffed from dinner. I made a salad and then a bread and butter pudding with custard, it was delicious but I will not need (or be able) to eat till late tomorrow.

                TTFN                                                Pam


  1. You haven't changed the time here, whilst doing your decluttering! ;-)

  2. Kitchens are the hardest - I think! I spent last weekend cleaning out my kitchen and had a hard time tossing - I KNOW I only need multiples of things when the family is all home for the holidays, and that's only a few times of the year...... and there are so many cupboards in this kitchen that I have several totally empty ones so we're not begging for the space.
    Fingers crossed for the estate agents and the sale. I've a small house for sale these last six months - lots of lookers - no offers and i would so like to move it before mowing starts.

    1. I do have multiples of a few things, I just know that the minute I evict my second processor the one that I keep will die on me.

  3. It was National no housework day yesterday you know lol

  4. Good Luck, are you downsizing ?

  5. Not exactly, my cottage is quite small but it is stuffed to the gunnels, and it has lots of built in cupboards. I want to relocate to West Wales, not only is it lovely but my small grand children are there.


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