Thursday 24 April 2014

Adrift in the Doldrums

I am still waiting for the last steps in the sale of my cottage, it is all becoming stressful. I have a cash buyer who wants the cottage and has agreed a price subject to survey. All is waiting on the surveyors report, they have paid for this but it still has not happened. I know that there is nothing major but still I worry at it like a cat with a mouse, turning it round and round in my mind until it has reached gigantic proportions. 
I have planned a trip to Wales this weekend to rent a house for 6 months, this will give me time to look round at leisure for a house to buy. I intend to move on May 1st, now I am getting the collywobbles. I can not move until the  cottage sale is complete, I don't want to leave it empty and if I do not take the house in Ammanford I may lose it.
I have been so busy that I am bone achingly weary and my mind is so busy that I have trouble sleeping, I wake frequently in the night and when I give up the ghost and get up I am tired. So it goes on, round and round, I have almost reached the point where I may not buy again just rent.
To add insult to injury I have put on more weight and have had to become extremely careful over what I eat. My ankle although not as painful is still stiff and prone to swelling up so walking is slow and restricted.
I am off to do some blog reading and cheer myself up, an hour reading should help me get a grip.

                      TTFN                                       Pam


  1. A big hug for you Pam x they do say house moving is one of the most stressful times, its so darn annoying when the powers that be drag their heels and leave your mind in turmoil. I hope everything sorts itself out quickly abd you can move into your new place. Dont worry about the weight gain you will soon loose that when you are walking in Wales and you are back to your normal happy self. Maybe an hour sat in the garden with your pretty crochet and a huge cuppa will relax you for now. Good luck xx

  2. Oh goodness, what an annoying thing when everything is being held up by the professionals. I can see you must be getting very stressed. I will send positive vibes from Suffolk that things go well and SOON!
    Karen is right - more tea and crochet needed.

  3. I know how you feel, we were in the same position then nightmare struck, our buyer was a cash buyer but they lost there buyer, we were planning for a May move, now we are set back, the house we are buying are prpared to wait as they are doing a barn conversion and are happy to have extra time,.
    Its a terrible position to be in, in the hands of others, I hope it all goes quickly and smoothly for you, if you know who there surveyous are you could give them a ring and try and book a time with them say you are planning a trip.
    Chin up it will all come righ in the end. :-)

  4. Oh Pam it must be hell but everything that is meant to be will be if you worry about it or not so try to take it easy. The weight can be sorted when you do move as you won't have time to eat! xxx

  5. Hope all starts to move soon. I honestly think some people don't think of how their actions impact on others. For goodness sake don't worry about putting a bit of weight on. When you are settled you will be able to concentrate on stuff like that.
    Fingers crossed for you

  6. So sorry for all the frustrations your house sale is having at present. Do hope all gets set to rights soon so you can be happily on your way! Take care and do rest that ankle.

  7. Have you considered giving them a phone call to chivvy their surveyor along?

    I do think you are being very hard on yourself, bearing in mind your previous plans were to have a final summer in Tydd!

  8. Oh dear, you are having a bad time of it. I hope things get better for you soon.

  9. Hang on in there!
    Love from Mum

  10. Oh Pam, I do hope things hurry up for you. In the meantime, reast that ankle and don't stress about things over which you have no control. Everything will work out in the end
    Julie xx

  11. Nothing worse than buying/selling property, nail-biting to the very end. I'm sure all will be well, but you just can't relax can you? I have my fingers crossed for you. Do you intend carrying on with your blog when you move Pam? It would be lovely to keep in touch, though I doubt we shall be chasing each other down the aisles after bacon pieces with you in Wales and me here in Norfolk!!

  12. Sorry you are so stressed out, the above comments say it all, So sit down pick up your hook or sewing and pamper yourself, I know, I know it is hard for a person that is normally full of spark!

  13. Thank you all for your kind and supportive comments, I think I had a touch of the "can't help its, and don't want to try" yesterday. I am very impatient, both with myself and others, and hate procrastination and wasted time. I have telephoned and e mailed and met with a modicum of success. All is well and I will be in Wales finalising the rental this weekend and moving at the end of next week..I have boxes and cases stacked everywhere and still have the kitchen and workshop to go through. The charity shop had a car load yesterday and ther will be more going their way. I took your advice, put my feet up and played with yarn and hook, you will see the results later, once I locate my camera. Pam x


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