Saturday 5 April 2014

A lazy day out.

It has been a bit dull round here, Thursday I spent most of my time with my foot propped up placing adverts in the local newspaper. I finally got my act together and listed a stack of things that I no longer want. I had planned to go to a boot sale today but could not face standing for hours. I also did some crochet and a bit of hand sewing. Michael took one of the massive wardrobes to bits and it is waiting for the other one to join it, they both have a new home to go to next weekend.

Friday I sorted out one of the sheds and removed a small mountain of wood off cuts and decided to cut it all down to kindling. Several of my neighbours have open fires and little bags of kindling are over a £1. I arranged a stool and a chopping block and away I went, I filled 4 big rubble bags and will do some more tomorrow. 

Today had to be a day off, well almost. I found a pile of old paint tins, all containing various amounts of elderly paint. Along with a couple of old metal storage units that were a fetching shade of mottled rust I filled the back of my car and took then to the local recycling center today. When I say "I" read Michael. We were at the center by 8:15 and then took Ben to Sandringham. He had a good run round, chased a few squirrels and the odd seagull. We strolled around in the dappled sunlight for an hour or so and then drove on to Hunstanton.

I had to pop into Shan's Fabric shop, she sells all sorts of crafting goodies and deep deep joy I found the glorious bright red wool that I wanted for my crochet blanket.

We wandered around the front, but it was very blustery so we ventured away from the sea. We walked up and down the little shop filled streets and some of the residential area. There were dozens of dogs being paraded and Ben didn't know where to head first. One couple had 7 in tow, mixed sizes from Husky type to tiny Terrier. All were very friendly, I expect the sun was as good for them as it is for us. Today was the first day this week that we haven't had that awful hazy cloud of Sahara dust.

No photos today, I left my camera at home and the batteries are now on charge.

We had to have fish and chips, the smell was overwhelming, they were delicious, Ben had some of my fish, minus the batter which I didn't eat either.

We are now lined up on the sofa watching reruns of "How I Met your Mother" some of it is funny some not.

Soon I will get a light meal on the go, I have walked so much today that I am beginning to feel in need of food.

Tomorrow will be another busy day and I have a stack of granny squares to crochet round in red.

I hope that you have all enjoyed your day as much as I have mine, even after all the walking Ben still asked for a walk this afternoon and is now snoozing beside me.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Lovely weather all day.

2. Watching Ben tearing round the trees in the woods.

3. A tasty lunch out at a very reasonable price.

4. Relaxing after a hectic week.

5. All that walking hasn't hurt my foot at all.

I did strap my ankle and foot up before I left and did not rush around, I also stopped a couple of times and sat down to rest.

That's all for today, I am off to the kitchen.

           TTFN                                       Pam


  1. Sounds like a lovely day, bet Ben will be shattered for the rest of the evening :)

    1. Ben snored gently all evening then demanded to go to bed and slept all night, he has been for a walk round the garden and is now waiting for breakfast.

  2. Sounds like a good day all round, I love it when everything comes together. I hope that ankle improves quickly.

    Peg x

    1. It was a lovely day off, I have decided that I need to see my GP, I hate having to be so inactive. The ankle is not improving and I worry about tumbling down the stairs if it gives way on me. Also I can not drive as it hurts like the devil.

  3. A day ending with fish & chips always seems the perfect day though I do eat the batter. I do hope the Dr can sort your ankle out for you. Take care xx

  4. I love the batter and in the past have had a scoop of "scraps" those little crispy nuggets of batter that fall of in the fryer. However although not on a diet I am watching my fat intake and upping my fruit and veg consumption. I tried juicing last year but it was not for me, I need the chewing to feel full. I am also a bit of a piglet so I need to keep an eye out for empty calories. I have an idea that the GP will prescribe a compression bandage, elevation and rest. I have my corner ready, stocked up with yarn, hooks, knitting pins and patterns. A pile of fabric scraps, paper hexagons, needles and thread. If that is not enough I have a cupboard full of dvd,s.


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