Tuesday 1 April 2014

More photos and other scribble.

I have had a mixed day today, do you remember I said that I had bid for a cooker on ebay, well I had an email to say that I had been outbid and as I was not prepared to pay more declined to up my bid. I then proceeded to buy a new one online. This morning I got a message from the ebay vendor asking when I wanted to collect it. I replied with the salient facts and checking back found that ebay had in fact emailed me 2 hours after the first message to say that some one had redacted their bid so the cooker was now mine. I don't think so. I was not aware that you could withdraw an offer once confirmed and I wondered whether the vendor had arranged for someone to push the price up. I may be cynical but I am sure that it happens.

Moving on I did a quick trip into Wisbech and had a dash round Asda for a few things. I did notice that their white bread flour is 20p  a bag cheaper than Sainsburys.

Ben has had 2 walks and a trip round the local park just because the sun was shining. I have done no gardening today but I have crocheted some more granny squares.

These were taken round Fran's shared house, the middle one is just outside the back door, it is underplanted with Hyacinths and the scent is wonderful.

This lodge fronts the main road but has this side facing the park, it overlooks the colorful border that was in yesterday's post.

This is just a random shot showing how pretty the whole place is
and that families were out there enjoying the day.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. April Fool's day and it was warm enough to walk without a jacket.

2. My postie brought me a parcel this morning.

3.  My wool for the Minion hats is on its way.

4. Ben had a mad play with a young Scottie this afternoon.

5. Roast chicken and salad tonight, the chicken is in the oven and scenting the cottage out, yum.

I do have cold roast beef but when I was shopping the chickens were being marked down to less than half price so I bought one. Naughty but it will be very nice.

I hung a load of washing out and it was ironing dry within 1 1/2 hrs, not bad for this time of the year.

Even better was the fact that only 6 things need ironing.

I will share my parcel tomorrow, I just need some "only me gloating time"

I really have to go, the smell of roasting chicken is overwhelming, I better get the salad organised.

              TTFN                                                   Pam


  1. It does look a really pretty place Pam. Everywhere are the most wonderful signs that spring has arrived.

    1. Once you enter the little estate where Fran lives you could be anywhere in the country. The houses are not crammed in close and the gardens are teeming with colour. A little further along the park side road there are many really large houses standing in huge gardens. I could quite easily live there, no need to run a car there is a locked gate to a side lane that leads right into the high street in around 3 minutes. The selection of shops is great and there is a Sainsburys in the middle, a large Tesco is 10 minutes away and there are both Lydl and Aldi close.

  2. You can retract a bid Pam. I know because I have done it myself when I put in the wrong amount by mistake. That's. It to say that people don't place false bids. I expect they do to inflate the price. That little house is very pretty and in such a lovely setting.

    1. I have been in contact with the seller and she says that it is not the first time it has happened to her. She was fine about it. The house is lovely and the whole area is restful and only 3 minutes walk from the town center.

  3. Hi Pam it looks very pretty there. Frans house looks lovely x

    1. I visited Fran in the winter and there is still colour in the gardens, it is a very pretty area.

  4. What a beautiful little lodge - I would love to live there!
    I am not an ebay fan I have to say, but that is down to my irritation with on-line selling and a touch of laziness. Also I cannot bear the waiting and suspense so I don't do it! Well done on the chicken scoop!xx

    1. I think the Park Keeper must live in the lodge, nice as it is to have all that "garden" to look at the thought of hundreds of people strolling within feet of your windows daily would be off putting. I was gutted that I am emptying my freezers, there would have been 6 chickens in there otherwise. I do not make a habit of buying on ebay, I was intending to have a fully operational cooker to leave behind when I sell, that will not happen now, unless the purchaser wants to buy it.


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