Sunday 13 April 2014

Pounds out, Quids in.

cashbox : Wallet and full coin in it  Stock Photo

Well it has been a little while since I filled you in, but i have not been idle. I emptied cupboards and corners, turfed out drawers and glory holes. I filled the car with all manner of things and took myself off to a couple of boot sales. My purse is now brimming full.
As is my fuel tank.
Petrol Pump Symbol Clip Art
My glory hole and some cupboards now look like this

cupboard : Closeup of a woman looking in an empty pantry. Seen from behind there is only one box of food. Horizontal format.

I feel good after my sally into sales, I was in the middle of Wisbech yesterday and it was grey, cold and windy. 
Today I was here, and the feel good factor is high.

Old Hunstanton Sign

Not perched on or skulking under the sign but in the town at a well established seasonal boot sale. The sun shone although it was a little breezy and there were lots of folk around, locals and visitors alike.

I am happy with my two excursions into the world of "Car Booting"
and weather permitting I will have a repeat performance next weekend. I will be inland somewhere as yet undecided on Saturday and back in Sunny Hunny on Sunday.
I didn't make a fortune but I am happy with the result and enjoyed myself enormously. Michael was there in full support mode and Ben took charge of greeting potential customers. I should have charged 10p per fuss and I could have made a mint.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. A bootfull of clutter has gone.

2. I can see my sitting room floor.

3. I have a sunny glow to my face.

4. Ben proved himself to be a perfect gentleman.

5. I had the pleasure of meeting lots of interesting people.

There was an odd 1 or 2 who almost wanted me to pay them to take things but on the whole everyone was polite and friendly.
I took squash but will take a flask of coffee next time as a hot drink was definitely required after an hour.
I bought a bag of lovely crisp apples for £1, 14 decent sized Braeburn and some glasshouse grown new potatoes for £1.20 lb.

I did get one unexpected bonus, halfway through this morning I turned quickly and had 2 loud cracks from my ankle/foot, I felt it and the people I was serving heard it as well. The pain and stiffness has gone and I am no longer limping. My support bandage is off and I walked Ben with no problems. I am going to be wary as I have had a compression wrap on it for a week but fingers crossed all is now well.
Apart from walking Ben and making tea I have changed my bed and put a wash through the machine. I have also had my feet up and indulged in some crochet. dinner will be a salad with eggs and grated cheese and some new potatoes.
I was a lazy slug yesterday when I returned. I only did what was essential and then sat on the sofa and watched both of the Hobbit DVD,s with a break for walking Ben and making and eating dinner. It was heavenly and I will be itching for the last in the trilogy to be released.

Tomorrow will be mainly gardening and breadmaking and a little ironing thrown in for good measure, I may make some marmalade as my last jar is almost out and I do like it on toast and under a sponge pudding.

I feel that it is time for a quick cuppa before I throw a salad together and I need to feed Ben soon.

     TTFN                                                      Pam


  1. Now that's my kind of putting you feet up as I love the two Hobbit films and I can't wait for the third either! Just be careful on that ankle x

    1. I am feet up, tea at my side, ben on the other side.

  2. Hi Pam, without a title, bloglovin link goes to your archive there, not direct to this post!

    1. Too much haste to have that cuppa. Thank you for the heads up.

  3. How Lovely! Over here we do 'garage sales' where we haul it all out on the lawn and hope people stop to shop! I did two last year and came off very well indeed. Ought to have another soon, although today we are having a grand snow! The weather has not yet decided in favor of Spring. Glad your ankle is feeling better - Take care!!

    1. I am happy with the outcome of my weekend, I still have stacks to shift so it may run to the following weekend also. I have to stop then as it will be close to moving.

  4. Glad the ankle is feeling much better. Hope you are feeling liberated getting rid of all your surplus stuff :)

    1. It is amazing how good it made me feel as every single thing went into someones bag. I have just had a chat with my solicitor and all is looking good for my house sale. Fingers crossed.

  5. Glad the ankle seems to have fixed itself.Wish I had some of your energy, mine's got up and gone at the moment. Managed to make 2 birthday cards this afternoon, but that's about it. Take care

    1. I have been busy all morning but don't seem to have achieved much, perhaps it will look better this afternoon.

  6. Hope your house sale goes through, fingers crossed. It will be a lovely time to move, spring and a new year. I don't go to boot sales, I always buy too much. Trying to clear out our garage at the moment as husband has given up sailing and major DIY projects so we are clearing 40 years of sailing paraphernalia, along with tools, bits and bobs as the intention is to get the car in the garage. Some hope:)

  7. Glad your ankle seems to have sorted itself out x we've done a few bootsales but never had much luck at them unfortunately. I laughed at the 10p a fuss for Ben, I'd have gladly paid £1 !

  8. I bet Ben was drawing the crowds to your stall, I always make a beeline when I see a dog I can fuss. I've only ever done one carboot sale, but as you say, it's good fun, you're making some money and getting rid of surplus items in to the bargain. It sounds like you may become a regular.

  9. Good luck with the boot sales and the sale of the house.
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award because you and your blog has captured my attention. Thanks for the connection and the inspiration. You can find the nomination here:
    Please feel free to accept or ignore.


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