Wednesday 2 April 2014

Thanks to Barbara

Look what the postie brought me,

The packaging is nearly as good as the contents.

When I moaned about not finding bright yellow Aran yarn I had 2 suggestions. 1 from Rupert, I followed his link and found some wonderful yarn and have ordered some but for a different project.
The other was from Barbara and I scored gold on her link. I ordered all the above, the top photo is the yarn for the Minion hats, I do still have to find some red for the tongues because I forgot about it until it arrived, too late Ethel.

The 3 very bright colours in the second pic are for my granny squares, I just happened to click on DK, saw those and oops they were in my basket in the blink of an eye. They are even better in real life, loud doesn't begin to cover it and once I find the right shade of red for the sashing I may have to buy some sunnies.

I forgot to show you my card and choccies from Fran.

I know that I gave chocolate up for Lent but I had to open one bag and smell them, heavenly. I can not remember the last time I had some, once Lent is over I will eat this bag in as short a time as I can without being ill.

The kitchen is finished bar a little touch up of the paint on the tile trim, now I have to get every thing back into it's proper place.

Just the front bedroom to do and a little snag list, this will not take long and I am thinking middle of next week simply because of the enormous wardrobes that have to be dismantled. Why oh why did I buy them?

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Michael walked Ben for me today as I have done something to my left ankle.

2. Ben came back and has been snoring ever since, he makes such funny noises that make me smile.

3. I have all that lovely yarn to stroke.

4. I was given a large bundle of freshly lifted leeks today.

5. I have the offer of a trip to Sandringham and then on to the coast on Friday, with Ben of course.

I have no recollection of tripping or slipping but my ankle has been playing up for a few days and this morning is swollen and tender. It is strapped up and most of the time is propped up on a pile of cushions.

I have used the time to crochet and surf the net.

The pile of squares is growing, there are some middles there waiting for 2 more colours.

The little trimmings will be used as stuffing for something or other.


Do you remember me telling you that I heard a Woodpecker a while ago, I spotted the hole he pecked out while chatting to Marina yesterday afternoon, I am going to try to get close enough to take a photo.

It has been brought to my attention that I have not had tea for ages, Michael is putting the kettle on for a brew before he starts clearing the decks in the bedroom. It's good being fussed round for a little while.

               TTFN                                                      Pam


  1. Lots of lovely wool, & I adore Reeses peanut butter cups. I can just taste them now. I hope your ankle is better soon.

  2. I am having so much fun with my crochet that I almost hope that my ankle takes a while to heal.

  3. The crochet is definitely an obsession - I have been making squares now for about 18 months and still loving it, although our new job has much longer hours so far less time for crafting. Glad you are being adventurous with the yarn colours, most of what I have made has been given away as we don't really need anything at present, but I have promised myself I will make an afghan just for me and I know what colours I will chose - very tasteful but slightly boring!!

  4. I love getting such soft, squishy parcels through the post, it can mean only one thing, yarn. Bright colours are so much fun, I enjoy using them. Hope your ankle feels better soon.

  5. I love getting a parcel through the post! The colours are wonderful. x


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