Tuesday 8 April 2014

One Down, Two To Go

The first agent turned up today to give me a valuation and I am pleased as punch to say that I was spot on with my guess. In fact both of them, I was dead on with both the value and what to expect for a quick sale. I will have to wait until Friday for the other 2. Patience is not my strong point, so to buck myself up I have been to see my solicitor and instructed him.  I can not use Fran or her firm as they deal with Company Law only, and of course until she sits the New York Bar she could not handle it.

Apart from some tidying, more a case of moving piles of stuff from A to C via B, and of course some bright red hooky it has been a nothing sort of day. The sun has shone and the wind has blown and my washing was line dried. It was only after the agent chappie had left that I realised I had a twirly whirly full of frilly things, oh well I expect he's seen worse.

Ben managed to roll in something extremely dead and rotten so he had a bath, because of his skin condition he has special shampoo that has to be left in for 10 minutes. I take my kitchen timer with me and put the bathroom heater on, it was like a sauna in there. Then when well rinsed off I wrap him in towels before blow drying him with my hairdryer. He loves it, even the drying part.

I managed to finish reading Sew magazine this morning, I did take it to bed last night but could not keep my eyes open.

I noticed that Janome have won 3 British  Sewing Awards last year, the most desirable machine was their Memory Craft 9900, I have been drooling over it but will wait until I move. It does mean that one of my machines will have to go. 
There is a Janome 8900QCP as a competition prize this month so I may chance my arm at that, I don't bother usually but this time I might.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Another glorious sunny day.

2. Washing done, dried and ironed in the same day.

3. I found my "trolley" token this morning, I lost it ages ago.

4. Dinner is out of the freezer and into the ding oven tonight.

5. I picked up 35p when I walked Ben this morning.

Every little helps.

I did not take any photo,s today, I am sure that no one wants to see the stacks of boxes accumulating in every room. I know that I don't.

That's all folks, the ding just dinged, my dinner should be ready.

             TTFN                                             Pam


  1. Hi Pam, I just popped on to tell you I was thinking of you this morning while walking the dogs. To say I was moody would have been an understatement but then I thought of your blog and your reasons to be grateful list. I have plenty to be grateful for but sometimes I just need reminding so thank you x

  2. I get the blue devils and, thankfully on rare occasions, the Black Dog leans on my shoulder. I try to shrug it off, sometimes it takes a few days. I count my blessings daily and even a bad day for me is better than a great many people. Sorry if I sound preachy, it is always the little things that soothe me. You may have noticed that i do like a sunny day.

  3. Good luck with your house sale. I read yesterdays post as well and I love the red borders on your grannie squares. I need a new sewing machine and have been drooling over them too!

    1. I am still dithering over 3 models and will book myself a day to try them all out once I move. I intend to take some fiddly piecing, something to embroider and a big quilt to stuff through the harp space. That should help me decide once and for all.

  4. Replies
    1. Why is it that you onlu discover that you have no £1 coin when you are at the shop doorway, and your car is as far away as it could be so a basket is no good.


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