Tuesday 2 September 2014

Frugal dinners

I have made a good start to a minimal spend period, dinner yesterday was a bowl of veg soup made from the remains of last weeks veg shop, a box of passatta from Lidl and a bunch of fresh herbs from the garden. As I have several heads of garlic I added 4 roughly chopped cloves. I estimate that the total cost was £1.50 and got enough for 5 very hungry portions.

Tonight I made a packet of chilli mix from AF for 25p and I added a scoop of the veg soup to it, I want to eat plenty of veg. I also heated a sachet of a spicy Dal Makhani from AF, 20p, as there were 2 of us. I had a slice of home cooked ham left from Saturday so chopped that up and added. Dinner for 2 for less than a pound.

Pudding was an apple from Maggie, so free.

My dinner did not look pretty but the scent and taste was wonderful.

It was very filling, luckily I was hungry after working in the garden all afternoon.

This is short and sweet, written while my guest walks Ben for me.

Until tomorrow when I will have more photos.

          TTFN                                                      Pam


  1. The colour comes from the expensive garnish

  2. Great cheap meals there x

  3. I love the cheapness but they were full of flavour and very very filling.

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