Wednesday 17 September 2014

Just call me clumsy or butterfingers

I am nursing a raw, sore and very scratchy throat, when I speak it sounds like a cross between Marlene Dietrich and Marlon Brando. I am slurping on strepsils, guzzling ice cold water and dreaming of eating my way out of a container lorry of Ben and Jerry's best.

I have had a lazy day, I have sewn some of the blocks together, some of the seam joints are rather thick, I had to put a thicker needle in the machine. All in all I think that I like it.

I had to feed my new batch of sourdough so rather than throw half away I made some rolls. They do not have the flavour yet but are pretty good none the less.

I made a big batch of base tomato sauce this afternoon, some of it had meatballs added and was poured into a dish of pasta, the rest I cooled down in a sink of iced water while I ate dinner.

I went back into the kitchen and took the pan out of the sink, turned to put it on the side ready to decant into freezer containers and dropped it straight onto the floor.
It was like a volcano, the sauce erupted into the air and splattered over half the kitchen, and me.

luckily I was wearing an apron so my clothes were mostly ok, I do have to wash it out of my hair though. I cleaned the floor first, so that I did not walk back and forth through it, the cooker front and hob, the work tops, my trolley, the fridge freezer, you get the picture. I did leave one little bit to share with you.

The absolute worst part is that I had put a stack of clean tea towels and hand towels in earlier and yes they were covered as well. They have been rinsed, soaked in Home Bargains finest oxy clean stuff and are now in the washing machine.

On the bright side my kitchen has had another blitz and is squeaky clean. Plus there was a large pot full of sauce left in the pan, so not all is lost.

The greenhouse is completed all but some glazing as some bits were missing, they have been ordered and will come via courier.
While digging out the ground in and around the base Michael unearthed several Bricks marked Cwmgors, they will all be incorporated somewhere.  I had been told that there used to be a brickworks here and it is nice to have these.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  A sparkling clean kitchen.

2.  Some more goodies in the freezer.

3.  My sewing is looking very effective, it will be a gift.

4.  The sun has shone all day again.

5.  I have been given a load of young plants and cuttings for my garden.

I am so lucky with the people who live around me, they are kindness itself. If I am not careful I will have more plants than Kew Gardens.

Ben is sleepy tonight, our last walk was quite long and he was in a hurry to get back, I was nearly trotting on the way home. he will be going out again soon though otherwise he will be waking me up at goodness knows what time in the night.

Now I think there is time for a quick cuppa before that last walk  then it will be bed and a book.

     TTFN                                                                   Pam


  1. Replies
    1. That is not quite what I said, but near enough.

  2. Glad to see you are looking on the bright side :-) hope the scratchy throat improves quickly

    1. It is no good worrying about something that can not be changed, As the red sauce dripped off my nose I was just glad that it was not in my big pyrex bowl.

  3. Oh dear! The only consolation to a spill is that the area gets a thorough clean!

    1. Boy oh boy did it get a clean, even the ceiling had a wash.

  4. Hope you feel better soon,x

  5. Oh dear, sauce everywhere, its amazing just how far it spreads! Hope you're feeling better soon.

    1. The only thing that I have dropped that went further was a big glass bottle of Camp coffee. I bought it for my mother when it was on offer and it ran across the floor faster than a Derby winner and pooled under the cupboards.

  6. I started with a scratchy throat Wed. last week, but mine has turned into full blown laryngitis, robbing me of the ability to speak. I`ve been just about able to whisper for the last two days. Hoping my condition improves before we have guests staying with us from Wed onwards. And on next Saturday we are meant to attend DB`s niece`s wedding in London. I don`t want to have to resort to sign language when talking to other guests.
    Hope your sore throat improves soon.
    What a mess your accident made. I bet you were scrubbing the kitchen for hours and still found splatters in corners that you didn`t expect.
    We had some kitchen hanging cupboards fall of the walls some years ago, and the mess was unbelievable as the cupboards had all my jams and preserves in them.
    Since then I did a kitchen make-over and can distribute the weight of things more evenly along long shelves. I hate cleaning at the best of times, and kitchen accidents always leave me cursing.

    1. I am lucky that my throat is better now and my kitchen is spotless. I prefer open shelves, given the choice I would have an old fashioned walk in pantry over a fully fitted kitchen any day of the week.


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