Sunday 28 September 2014

Still here, just busy.

Hi de Hi, I am busy running round in ever decreasing circles, A bit like the Ouzulum Bird.

I promise not to disappear though, painful, very painful. 

I have lots of things going on with my extended family but hopefully it will all settle down soon and I can get back to blogging, I am still reading a few every chance that I get.

Michael,s sister is unwell and it meant a run up to Derbyshire over the weekend, as chance would have it Jeannie had a birthday on Saturday so her card and gift were delivered in person. I hope to get up for a week with her soon.

Ben has been back to the vet, he is mixing with lots of different dogs and I noticed that he was scratching. A quick check over and I found a flea, bath, spot on and a visit to the vets right smartish. She is sure that the itching is directly linked to the flea, I had sprayed the house from top to bottom so bought another can of spray, ££££££ phew. I also got some new monthly treatment, a chewable tablet. The manufacturers are so convinced that dogs will love them, and that they will work, that they are giving a money back guarantee. 

I took a stack of things that I had made to Many Tears, they are having an open day with stalls, including a craft stall. I stocked up with tinned and dried dog food and loads of bottles of thin bleach.

I am also making some simple, washable dog beds using pillowcases and a double layer of 4oz wadding. Hilary from Isabeau Inspirations at Cross Hands kindly let me have 5 metres at cost. I have raided my stash of orphan pillowcases for all the darker colours and one or two pink ones for the little girls. It is a quick and easy make and using the polyester wadding means that they wash easy and dry fast. I just put a double layer in each case, sew round the edge and a zig zag from side to side and job done. The hardest part is wrestling with the wadding, it is very springy.

This happy pair are two of Ben,s playmates, Archie a cross breed rescue dog and Dolly a Cavachon rescue bitch. They are lovely little dogs and when we meet them walking it usually means an extra 20 minutes while they tear around.

I am off now, normal service will be resumed soon, I hope, I have a parcel to wrap to go to Australia in the morning and I have to play "hunt the cellotape"

       TTFN                                                               Pam


  1. I hope things settle down for you soon x

  2. Thinking of you, remember to find some time for yourself xx

  3. I hope thing start to settle for you soon.

  4. Oh my goodness, you'll be meeting yourself coming back one of these days, as my Gran used to say :) . I love Wales and have spent a lot of time there, getting involved goes a long way to getting accepted into the community.
    Another way to make inexpensive washable dog beds is to use Duvets, cut them to size and shape, zig zag the edges and pop into your 'case'. Thank you for getting involved.

    Peg x

  5. I hope things settle down soon, it sounds like you're having a very busy time at the moment. I'm sure the dog beds and the other donations will be very well received. Ben's friends are adorable. I love to see my Archie, well any dog really, having a good time with other dogs, you can tell they really enjoy it.

  6. I thought my pup would like to play with other dogs. I introduced her to a neighbor's puppy who had lots of play time energy. Her attitude was, ' Oh for God's sake. I don't have that kind of energy. Go away.' She wasn't mean or angry, just indifferent. She was suppose to be five when I rescued her. Her vet said the rescue people always say a dog is five so people will take them. That there is no way to check age after their teeth are in. Since she has the same energy level as I do, I figure we're about the same age.
    I hope things settle down for you soon. Life sure can throw a wrench into things now and again.

  7. Thank you all for your kind words, I am slowing down a bit now and hope that all will be peaceful within a couple of weeks. I have done some sewing and started on a new blanket to keep my self occupied. At times of stress I find myself reaching for chocolate or cheese.

  8. Ah, chocolate. One can not get better relief than that from a good chocolate. I'll join you. Stay safe.


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