Tuesday 9 September 2014

Lazy Hazy Day of Summer.

We have had glorious sunshine again today, 3 loads of laundry done, dried and folded, ironing later., Ben has enjoyed some ambles around and playing in the garden. I have made some blackberry and apple fridge jam, after reading my blog list yesterday and seeing some yummy jam made by someone else, I got nearly 3 jars full but had to dig into one jar to pile onto a little bit of bread at lunchtime, delish.

 I will be making more after I have shopped as I will not have enough sugar before. It is very cheap in Lidl so will not break the bank.

On that note my spend is nice and low so far, 4 no spend days on the trot, I will need milk soon but do not want to go out just for 2 things, equally I do not want to use the shop in the village as it is 50% dearer than Lidl. I will manage until I need to buy some veg and salad.

Still on the frugal low/no spend September this will be dinner tonight.

The diced veg in the dish was dressed with oil, salt, pepper and a good slug of Balsamic vinegar then roasted in the bottom of the oven with my chicken and roast potatoes yesterday. 
I went to sleep on the sofa Sunday afternoon and woke too late to cook so had wholemeal toast with cheesey baked beans and egg, lovely.
I will make the Bulgar Wheat up as per packet directions and add my roasted veg halfway through the cook time, the mix came from AF and I am looking forward to it. I may shred some lettuce, cucumber and celery to have with it, I will see how I feel later.

I have done a bit more sewing and 2 more dogs are completed.

One each for Kaitlyn and Faith, I am going to Cardigan on Saturday and will take them, along with the blue one for Junior, then.
To prevent arguments I have made them similar but used different colour combinations and used different prints for the gussets.

I found this on my bookshelf earlier, shamefully it was the first time that I had opened it since it was given to me ages ago.

The fabric pack is still there, I remember looking at it and knowing that I would not be using it as directed, and there it stayed, neglected and unloved. Shame on me.

I flicked through it and found the Stanley toy pattern, as I have a stack of 2 1/2" squares cut I may well make one up. Once we get to October I will make a dog in "that seasonal fabric" as part of Francesca,s gift, I will make the Scotty Dog up but use 3 or 3 1/2" squares to get a more substantial cushion.
I quite fancy making one in 5" charms as well, just because.

I have been given these, I am sure that I can sink them into the garden and plant them to add height somewhere.

The steps are really beginning to look good, I have also been given some more slabs of slate, I will be skipping up and down them soon. I will plant some ground cover on the left, I may try cranberries if I can find some at a reasonable price. The lovely neighbour who gave me these also had some wood from a pine bed going spare, it will make me a potting bench with storage shelves under for the greenhouse.

I have found a supplier for my fruit trees and bushes and they sell the Flowering Quince that I want for the front garden. Things is looking up.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  Lots and lots of sunshine.

2.  Tasty preserves for next to nothing.

3.  A gift from my neighbour that will enhance my garden.  

4.  The hedgerows are dripping with free food, just waiting to be gathered.

5.  Ben has been off his meds for a while now and his skin is fine.

I have to welcome some new(ish) followers, I have been so busy rushing to get my posts written that I have neglected them badly.

Angie, Serenata from the balancing Kiwi who also blogs about the life of her dolls, Myshabbychicfrugallife who fills me with jealousy at her wonderful finds, hippymamax6, marlene Jones from Poppy Patchwork whose stitchery turns me green with envy and Michelle from remembering the old ways who lives in Hampshire. I had a SIL who lived in Havant and used to visit twice yearly, lovely place, so clean with hardly any litter and wonderful plants everywhere. Welcome one and all, I will enjoy reading your blogs and any comments that you care to leave.

It is almost time to get my frugal dinner on the go. I will knock another 4 off my challenge, the cushion and the 3 dogs, I need to get a wiggle on but I do have 6 place mats to make tomorrow so they will help.

I hope that you are all enjoying the weather, Indian Summer, bring it on.

                       TTFN                                               Pam


  1. Love the doggies. I have a load of 2 1/2 squares as well left over from a quilit I was making. I guess its quite a quick project if you use the machine to piece them.

    We really are in the dog days of summer, sunny days but with a distinct chill in the air and the evenings are drawing in, we have to put the light on around 7 - 7.30 eah evening. I have checked the radiators and the heating is working ok but it will not be going on anytime soon. I do so wish we still have the wood burner I miss it so much.

    1. It took very little time to piece, the longest part was pressing the seams open. The scent of Autumn is in the air, a distinct chill first thing and tonight I put a coat on to walk Ben.

  2. love the dogs, and shamefully I have the exact same book, still with fabric in, no idea when I got it! note to self..must make dog...

    1. I had a good look through the book and apart from Stanley do not think that I will make anything from it. I will photocopy the pattern and find a new home for the book, maybe a giveaway.

  3. I love your little dogs! Will you plant all your new shrubs etc. that you plan to get in pots so that you can take them with you when you eventually buy a place? We had 12cm of snow yesterday and expect 15cm more today!!! We haven't had snow this early since 1921. It's the heavy wet stuff so lots of damaged trees and the power went out 5 times last night. Sunday it was 26C-unbelievable! Its supposed to get nice by the weekend, sure hope so. My tomatoes are all covered, sure hope they survive.

    1. I have decided to stay here for the foreseeable future, the house fits me and the location is perfect. Some of the shrubs will have to go into pots as they do not suit the soil type.

  4. I love the sun but finding the heat too much for working outside. Your dogs are cute.
    Beautiful presents.

    1. I am the opposite, I love the heat but can not have the sun directly on me. I hope the children like their dogs, they do like cushions and soft toys but you can never tell how children will react.

  5. Love your Blog Pam, it's so cheerful and colourful with all your gorgeous makes.

    Just a little tip about your jam making, fill the jars a bit more so that there is less air in there as it cools, that way there will be less chance of any mould forming on the surface. I fill mine as near to the top as I possibly can, obviously it doesn't matter about the one that we all only have half full, that disappears much to fast to matter. In fact I've stopped putting what will be less than a jarful into a jar and just pour it into a pretty bowl to keep in the fridge, it only last a day or so anyway ;-)


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