Monday 5 January 2015

One recipe down

Yesterday I cooked the Tuscan Pork, it was okay but not as good as I hoped. I read the recipe and added more herbs and spices but it was still a little bland for my taste, it will not go to waste as I added some of my spicy tomato sauce to the extra before freezing.

I had intended to make Mac and Cheese today but that went out of the window this afternoon.
I went down to the village shop in Gwaun Cae Gurwen and there was a lovely piece of Welsh Bone in Rib of Beef, it was use by tomorrow and reduced from £12:99 to £4:99 and weighed 1.3Kg. I know that I have meat in the freezer but I was not going to miss this bargain.

Tonights dinner was a full on roast complete with Yorkshires and roast potatoes and parsnips, cauli and calabrese. Yum Yum Yum. It was more than enough for 2 for dinner and 2 further meals. The veggies are from before Christmas, so a bargain meal.

I have made a good start on sewing the HST together and done several more rows of the sleeves.

The tree and other decorations are down and packed away and the sitting room is back as it should be.

The craft/dining room is a different matter, I have been moving things around and found stuff that I had forgotten about. I have more WIPs than a John Wayne movie.

Must focus my mind.

Fran has gone back and is still not really well, she had to leave work early today. I am concerned as she starts the second part of her course tomorrow.

I am about to watch The Librarians on TV, a recent new offering that is not too banal.

Ben is at the vet tomorrow for a check up and is then going to the groomers, I could do with a bit of that myself. I hate going to the hairdressers as I have to sit still for so long.

                        TTFN                                        Pam


  1. I bet I could beat you with WIP's having now unpacked boxes that have been in store for 3 years I find it all a bit overwelming, but I will not be beat. I am heading into town tomorrow but will be avoiding anything to do with craft :-)

    1. I am sure that you could, I am just vexed at finding so many, and I have this minute spotted a container with yet another in.

  2. A bargain too good to miss. Glad you enjoyed.

    1. It was delicious and one that I could not walk past.

  3. Ah, recipes are not always what they promise to be! I am sure you can give it more of a kick with your own spicy sauce. I am debating whether to turn the last of a beef curry into a Mulligatawny soup, by adding some veg and rice and letting it down a bit. I think that might work well.

    We watch The Librarians - nice escapism, though last night's offering was a bit silly.

    1. I can not remember the last time that I had Mulligatawny soup, I used to love it. I quite enjoyed last nights episode even though it was silly, I had a giggle though so it was worth it.


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