Saturday 31 January 2015

Lots of colour here.

Today has brought every type of weather bar fog, wind, rain, hail, snow and sunshine, several combinations at the same time occasionally.
Ben had his walks in the dry spells and I got a load of washing more or less dry. I also made cheese scones for breakfast. Before I started them I read my blog list while drinking tea and found a recipe for coconut  biscuits on Thrifty Lesley's blog. It looked good and I had all the ingredients so they went in the oven as well, delish. In fact they were so good that I made a batch with some crystalized ginger chopped into the mix. Equally delish.

Anyhoo, I looked at the Alien and lo and behold there were 4 heads/flower buds emerging.

Side 1

Side 2
While I was at it I took a shot of my £2 roses, still looking good.

Then of course one of the £2 tulips, these are opening fast, I do not think they will last 2 weeks, at this rate they may not last 1.
Last but not least I managed to get one half decent shot of my bracelet.

I am very pleased with it and will be wearing it often.
Ben just asked to go into the garden and there has been another flurry of snow, hopefully there will be no more.
I have done a little sewing today and a lot of housework, it had to happen. This evening I have the binding on a quilted cushion to slip stitch down and then a little knitting.
Tomorrow I have a quilt to get on to the frame, ready for some quilty fun on Monday.

Then there will be some tidying in the sewing room so that I have room to work comfortably.
I have an empty laundry bag and ironing basket, deep joy, and the kitchen just needs the floor swept and washed. Then I can sit down and relax with my sewing and knitting.

Enjoy the evening.

TTFN                                                                       PAM


  1. I am thinking of updating my sewing machine. As I would like to make quilts in the future I was wondering what you have as your main machine and what you would recommend. I am a bit dazed by all that is on offer and would welcome some advice. Thank you. Jackie

  2. If all that you want to do is make quilts then look for a straight stitch machine. Much depends on how much sewing that you intend to do and how large the quilts you want to make will be. If you are going to quilt them yourself will it be on the machine or by hand. My machine is a Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200 QC, it has a large harp space and I have had a double size quilt on it with no problem. It has a multitude of stitches as I make clothes as well. I have bought a Janome 1600P straight stitch machine for the quilting frame. I also have a Toyota Quiltmaster, I used this for most of my sewing until I got the 8200 and still have it set up to quilt. I can get a single quilt through with ease and have stuffed a double through it. My advice is to decide how much sewing you intend to do and then have a look on line, there are some bloggers who try out machines and then write them up, you can go to a dealership and try out machines before you make up your mind. Take your time, find out if there is a quilting group near you and go along to a meeting and talk to them. I wish you joy in your search and hope that you have lots of fun with your sewing.

  3. Such lovely flowers, Pam. I always feel cheered when I see Spring flowers, it's like a light at the end of the Winter tunnel! Your bracelet is gorgeous too.

    1. Yes, Maggie is a good friend and very creative, I do keep her supplied with cake though. I usually look for yellow flowers but am happy with these colours.

  4. I love the colours in your bracelet, Pam. Can't wait to see the quilt done on your frame.

    1. Don't hold your breath Helen, I will not get near that for a few days, I have so much on the go that my brain is buzzing like a wasps nest.


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