Sunday, 22 March 2015

Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to Dawns place.

Yesterday was beautiful, the sun shone and the breeze was gentle. Kara was there to greet me, alongside Dawn and Martin. Of course the kettle went on and after a cuppa it was time for the cabin.

Dawn showed me  a way to make the Pineapple block with no bias seams, deep joy.
I had not been home for long before the rotary cutter came out and I put my new knowledge to work, more of that later.

While we were chatting away about a random selection of things, you know what it is like, we got on to gardening. Dawn grew Ocas last year and kindly gave me 6 tubers. I had a quick session with Google and they are now in 6" pots in the greenhouse, I will pot them on into big pots later on.

Shortly after my lesson Marlene arrived with her lovely husband, a Welshman no less.
Marlene and Kevin are keen photographers and Kevin was kind enough to give me some pointers as to what camera and how to get the best from it.

We had a walk round the homestead and met all the animals, Lambert viewed us from a distance, the Alpacas were  a bit braver. In fact while we chatted outside their enclosure one of them poked Marlene in the back, as though to say "look at us then".

I was amazed at how warm it was, you do not expect to eat lunch outside in March, specially when you are halfway up a Welsh mountain. Dawn spoiled us with a salad lunch including some of her banty and duck eggs, they were delicious, and there was homemade French bread, oh yum. What's that? diet, what diet.

On Friday I received a parcel from the Fabric Guild, I had put the order in just over a week ago and was getting a bit niggled.

I had ordered 3 mts of this but they rang me to say that there was only 1 left, so I settled for that and 2 mtrs of this print,

the flash has changed the colour, it is more cranberry than purple.

I have 6 mtrs of this print, I just fell in love with it, I will be wearing it before too much longer.

This bright fabric is destined to become something for me, I have no idea what but it is so bright and happy I had to have it.
Oh yes, what I made from my lesson.
I wanted something to hang on my sewing room wall, something pertinent to the day and good to look at.
Most of the fabrics in here came from Dawn, the colours just read of my day, blue skies, bright yellow sunshine, flowers and greenery. The birds are just a token nod towards our natives and visitors, but I love them. You may have seen Ben, he was dozing under my chair whilst I sat in the sun and sewed the binding down.
The whole place has moved on so far since my last visit, Dawn and Martin have obviously slogged away tirelessly, pouring a river of love and heaps of TLC into their home.
I went to see the bees but had no secret to tell them, next time.
Now it is getting on and my dinner has not even been thought about yet, and as for tea.....I am way behind.
                       TTFN                                                 Pam


  1. Sounds like a lovely day. Good job I didn't go, I would have come home with an Alpaca (or two) in the boot !

    1. I was tempted, mind you I could happily live in Dawn's cabin.

  2. It was a great day Pam and one I hope we can d again sometime, you never know who from blog land will pop up in Wales, your wall hanging looks great and I recognise the fabrics :-)

    1. I will keep my fingers crossed, it is lovely to put a face, in the flesh, to a name. I had a busy day yesterday having fun and today it is catch up in the house.

  3. Pam, thank you so much for travelling over, it was lovely to meet you. Dawn has the making of a lovely home, she has and is working very hard, her lunch and the company was great. Kev and I had a great time too. Love your fabrics, I did resist, but now I am home I have a few projects to get on with. Lovely sewing, you choice of colours are great.

    1. Thank you too Marlene, it was like meeting up with someone that you know but have not seen for a while.. I had my fabric on the last visit, I have so much now that I dared not look this time.

  4. PS Pam, I'm still singing along to your title......

  5. Replies
    1. It was a really great day, There are lots of ways to spend a sunny Saturday and this was one of the best.


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