Tuesday 17 March 2015

From Sparkie to Yorniel in 11 years

I was out with Ben this morning and stopped to chat with some of his friends people, as you do, one of them asked me what breed he was. I opened my mouth to say Sparkie, this is what we dubbed him on his first day with us, he is a Yorkie/ Spaniel cross. I hesitated and said Yorniel, with a laugh, and explained his first name and added that after the 11 years that I have had him he is too old to spark. He may not yawn but he does snooze a great deal. He is out cold on his cushion beside me now.
We have just walked down to the post office and sent an apron off to Australia, I sorely underestimated the postage, it was just over £5, charges must have gone up since my last parcel.

I had my trip to the Mumbles and the Red House, no photos of the shop as the owner was not there, but I did buy a few things.

I took one of the string blocks with me and found this glorious red for the sashing and borders.

I treated myself to a little ruler, when making the first 2 Snapshot blocks my smallest ruler was too big and cumbersome on the small blocks. I bought a new air erasable pen, it has a roller ball tip so should not get "fuzzy" like my older ones have. The glue pen came through the post, it too is for small blocks it will be better than fiddling with dozens of pins in a tight space. Some of the intricate blocks need pinning very securely to stop the fabric moving of its own volition.
The weather was a bit gloomy on arrival but the haze lifted somewhat and it turned very warm. It was grey when I arrived back but the sun is shining now. ( Mr Muscles is here, my tree is in the ground and staked, and 2 water butts are being put in place on either side of the greenhouse.) I guess my next job will be a sewing lesson.

The view along the prom from The Mumbles towards Swansea, the boats look good in the photo but up close are very tired.

Looking across the beach, the tide was just coming in, it is similar to  Gt Yarmouth, when the tide is out you have to walk miles to get to the sea, just not as golden yellow.

I took this in one of the little parks, it is called Breathing At Sea and is a very powerful piece.
I have a stack of sewing lined up but my first task is to finish this WIP off.
It has been languishing under the sofa since I finished it, I have just the place for it, on my sewing room wall next to this Irish Linen Tea Towel that Francesca sent me a while ago.

I have the pattern for the third Snapshot Quilt block and will be making 2 of those up later, I will share tomorrow. I do have 2 more blocks to share, these will become mini quilts to hang on my walls. I am tired of Magnolia but it was freshly painted just before I moved in so I can not justify repainting. I feel that the way forward is some quilty fun on display.
BTW, my 500 blog post is approaching and I have the giveaway quilt in mind, I will post a little nearer to the day. I have not forgotten.
Now I am off to make tea before getting my fabrics out.
Dinner tonight will be a portion of the rib of beef casserole slung in the mini oven with some puff pastry on top, easy 1 pot dinner.
No potatoes for me as I somehow found myself eating chips at the seaside, well you have to don't you.
                  TTFN                                                     Pam



  1. Chips at the seaside, it would be rude not to.

  2. Nice patchwork items. I got my sewing machine out today and have been using up some fabric, placemats and a couple of aprons.
    my computer has been down all day !

  3. I have not been able to sew for a few days as the machine was playing up , after serious thought I realized what was wrong with it . At last sewing again, only to realise that I had joined the pieces in the wrong order , if this is enjoyable why am I so frustrated lol

    1. There is no gain without pain, we all have our off days, just shrug it off.

  4. Gorgeous patchwork, as always. Glad you had a lovely day & thanks for sharing the lovely photos x

  5. I envy you your ability to do patchwork which looks so professional. I have dabbled with hand sewn patchwork (I don't have a machine), and at the moment have some fat quarters and some old toddler dresses of my daughter (now 30 years) I want to use. Thinking of a runner, something nice and easy. Before I start it though I have a few other knitting projects to finish.
    On a different note, we went to Mumbles a few years ago when my mil came to visit. We were only there for a couple of hours, but enjoyed our time there.

    Joan (Wales)

    1. It was my first visit, I found it very pretty and was amazed at the amount of cafes and restaurants there were.

  6. What a great tea towel, and of course beautiful patchwork.

    1. I loved the tea toewel the moment that I unwrapped it.


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