Friday 20 March 2015

Eclipse did not stop work.

Another day in the garden, even hotter than yesterday, I had to get my arms out.

More work done on the patio and a few more seeds set, thyme which will go in the gaps between the slabs, and some more butternut squash as the first ones are showing their seed leaves.

I have some climbers to go on the obelisks and some aubrietias to fill in along the end. The sand on the left will have slabs on it late tomorrow, we just had enough for one day.

I potted on a couple of Hostas, they are just sticks at the moment but the root systems are strong. There is a young Rosemary, grown from a cutting and three tubs of strawberries. These will, hopefully, give me a little fruit this year and some runners to plant up for next year, not in the ground, I aim to have a two storey shelf unit with grow bags, I had these at Tydd and they cropped well.
No sewing, so far, today but I had a delivery of fabric earlier, I will share over the weekend.
I am off to see Dawn, Doing it for ourselves in Wales in the morning and look forward to a good day out. Dawn is going to teach me a technique for Pineapple blocks.
I have to dig through my collection of zips, I have some Whales to make and there is a WIP that I really want to get done.
Dinner last night was a repeat Beef casserole pie with cabbage and cauli, tonight it is Toad in the Hole, or rather Toad out of the Hole. I have dug a couple of Yorkshire Puds out of the freezer and will have sausages in gravy and carrot and swede mash, that should hit the spot.
Ben has been in the garden with me all day and is flat out on his cushion beside me, he is constantly on the move just like me I think he is relishing the fresh air and sun.
Now, guess what, it is time to put the kettle on, more tea is needed.
              TTFN                                                               Pam.
PS, I have another £10 for the Dogs trust and more to come later.


  1. you certainly are a busy bee, makes me look like a lazy bones!!

  2. We are getting spoiled with all this sunshine, I was sorting strawberries today as well, just come in so time for a cuppa and a shower here, looking frward to seeing you tomorrow :-)

  3. You have had a great start on the garden pam , Cant wait to see what your produce looks like xxx

  4. You are so good I wanted to be out in the sun but had jobs to do in doors.
    but did take a couple of breaks with a drink I walked Archie round the garden with the other dogs.

  5. Busy day for you, we have been in the mountains, along side a reservoir and to a castle. Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow.

  6. It's all looking good. You're working very hard.
    Have a nice day tomorrow, wish I could come too !

  7. Good to see you are getting some sunshine, spring is such a beautiful season. Here in my part of Queensland, Australia we have had some extremely hot weather, 2 days of 35. Today is cooler and overcast . Can't wait to see your next sewing project for the dogs trust. Xxxx

  8. Keep up the good work. Lidl have their shrubs and tubers in right now, so get along there quick if you want a bargain. I have more seeds to get started and that long border to finish clearing that used to have the goosegogs in (after 26 years I felt they needed replacing!) I hope you had a lovely time with Dawn. We are hoping to meet up soon too.


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