Tuesday 10 March 2015

Whale, you asked for it.

I have made a prototype but it needs some tweaking.

Look out, too late. Gotcha.

Call yourself a shark, more like a snack.

Any more where that came from? Plenty of room in here.
After playing with the whale, I did some washing, the weather has been glorious, and then took Ben to the park in Garnant. There is a cycle path come footpath winding round and through it, so easy walking and several benches to stop for a rest and enjoy the view.

 As you can see Ben found lots to interest him, lots of fresh smells that needed his close attention.

Plenty of pussy willow to look at and stroke.

Even though we have had lots of rain, this little stream has all but dried up. It has been a small but raging torrent for much of the past few months. It meanders through the park before joining the river on the far side.
The Gorse was gleaming in the sun shine and there are plenty of flowers rejoicing in the clement weather, but of course my batteries were low. I will do better on our next visit.
I spent a little time in the garden this afternoon, just pottering really as the ground is still quite wet. There are now 2 arches in place, waiting for the sweet peas that have sprouted in my greenhouse. I may look out for some jasmine and honeysuckle to put in as well, I like my garden to smell as good as it looks.
I am going to have another go at the whale tomorrow, I want the dorsal fin a bit thicker and the body a little narrower and longer.
I made another 10 string blocks and cut 30 more foundation squares
so I have plenty to keep me occupied.
Dinner was a stir fry, I popped into the local shop and they had packs of chicken stir fry mix reduced to 69p, very tasty and very filling with just a few thread noodles to pad it out. I had nothing planned and was more than pleased with my bargain.
Now I have to drink tea and plan tomorrows activities, I have a tree to plant for one thing.
          TTFN                                                Pam


  1. Replies
    1. It will be for Junior, my grandson, to take to school. I want it large enough to hold all his pencils, crayons and the inevitable cars and small things that little boys love so much. Most mornings start with a "show and tell" session and I am sure that he would love something like this to tell his school friends about.

  2. Off to a quilt show tomorrow as it is icy and snowy all over outside. I do envy you for being able to make any start in the garden! The photos were wonderful and help me remember that we too, will eventually see bare ground! Thank you!

    1. We are fortunate that we do not often have the ground covered with snow for more than a few days at a time here. Mostly any frost has gone by mid morning, spring will reach you, when it is good and ready.

  3. I do like the whale I would fill it with lots of fish with magnets for a fishing game, he is a lucky little boy :-)

    1. Mmm, I can just see Junior flicking a fishing rod with magnets and fish around. He can be a little terror, typical boy, no sense and sees no fear.

  4. That's really good, he'll be so pleased. To blooming cold here to do anything outside, I'm normally wafting myself being to hot but not these past few days. Your description of the sweet peas, jasmine and honeysuckle sounds delightful. Look forward to seeing those in bloom, we have to rely on tubs here due to having Indian stone slabs in the garden.

    Peg x

    1. I like to have scented flowers in the garden and a bunch of sweet peas makes the whole house smell lovely.

  5. Your shark and whale are so cute! I love that idea. It reminds me a little of these sleeping bags that my husband's grandmother made for his stuffed toys when he was a kid. They're were just a sleeve, really, but they could be loaded up with a lot of animals. :)

    1. Now that does sound like a good idea, Kaitlyn has more cuddly tos than some toy shops.


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