Thursday 30 April 2015

A Walk on the Wild Side, and a little excitement.

Today was bright and sunny but with a chilly wind, the forecast said 60% chance of rain. So with no hesitation I got the last little bit of my garden bed forked over, plenty of dock and creeping buttercup roots were duly evicted. I am not even wasting my weeds, they are being used to fill the gaps in the bank behind my greenhouse plot. This area was claimed back last year from a sea of brambles, nettles and various unwanted undergrowth. To increase the height of the existing bank  I layered all the branches trimmed from the tree and the hedge and stuffed in all the weeds. All this has helped to make a tall bank and reinforce the boundary between my garden and the one behind. When this has settled down I aim to plant it up with some of the mint that runs rampant and other thuggish plants.

Before I go further let me share the pork and bacon dish that I cobbled together for my guests.

This was a man size portion, I had enough left overs for dinner last night, Yummy.
While I am still in yesterday, I went out and covered some plants with fleece yesterday as there was a frost predicted (didn't happen) and within 20 minutes this happened.

A rather intense hail storm, it lasted for several minutes but luckily the sun came out and melted it.
Back to the here and now, and a bit earlier.

As the sun kept out and the clouds passed us by I popped Ben in the car and took him to the park, on the way we had to pull over to let a police car come screaming through.

I remembered my camera and took some pics of the wild flowers.

This little flower carpets the grass in long swathes.

There were lots of busy bumble bees around.

Daisies everywhere, lovely long stems, just right for making chains. No I didn't, Ben was in a hurry to get all the way round.

Just one or two sweet clover open.

There was the sound of a helicopter very close, I looked up and there it was.

Bluebells, lovely in the garden but so much better in the wild.

Celandine and Broom glowing away.

This plant was the jewel in the crown for me, wild garlic. I had a good source in Norfolk and the sites that I know well in Wales are in Ceredigion, 75 minutes drive away. I was chuffed to bits to find this and of course....

a little came home with me, some found its way into a fritatta for my dinner, I was just going to stirfry a heap of veg and have with a jacket potato, an idea I lifted from Mean Queen. But the garlic and some fresh Coriander persuaded me to change my mind. I made a big salad to go with it and am now stuffed to the gills.

Now for the Really Good News. The Postie brought me another parcel, from a fellow Blogger who is having a good clear out. She found this and thought of me. A gardening apron, far too nice to wear in the garden and perfect for cooking. Lots of deep pockets for the things that get lost on a regular basis. Why is it that I put my little whisk down and it vanishes, and why does it take my spatula with it?

I will wear it with pride and a whole heap of pleasure. I will not be making tomato sauce though, I would hate to have red splodges down it.
All in all a very good day.
BTW I called at the library on the way back from the park and the Police Helicopter was hovering overhead......I will be watching the news avidly.
     TTFN                                                                       Pam


  1. I love English bluebells, hubby and I were saying this morning how beautiful they look, sea's of blue.

  2. Oh crumbs, Pam, I wish I had known you can eat wild garlic leaves because we found some lovely ones growing in a big patch when on a day out on Tuesday. What a numpty I am! I will know next time! Lovely photos, as usual.

  3. Lady's Smock is the first flower in your photos. Lots of it about this time of year. The Ramsons grow all over Carmarthenshire so you should be able to find lots locally.

    Perish those hailstones, and I wish the wind would go away as I daren't open the polytunnel wot took off, as it ripped fastenings and I haven't had time to sew fresh ones in.

    Sounds like you have been busy in your garden anyway. I am in mine VERY part time at present!

  4. Lots of Lady Smock in my garden it is so pretty, I am pleased you found some garlic I am overjoyed I found some on my doorstep, I am now on the look out Georgies :-)

  5. So glad that it arrived safely and you can make use of it! x

  6. Hi, Pam, dinner looks lovely and I love the flower pics. Thank you so much for asking after me and leaving a comment. I've looked at the Dogs Trust at Faversham (near Canterbury). The trouble is that we already have the 2 cats and most of the dogs available need to be an only pet because they need the extra attention after traumatic experiences. Having said that, we may still pay them a visit and register in case they have a suitable furry creature come in. I've looked in our vets but there was nothing there. We're thinking a puppy would be a better bet as it would grow up used to the cats and they could get used to him/her from an early age. A yorkie/spaniel cross sounds the perfect size for us. 4 weeks until the wedding now. Help!!! LOL!!!

  7. Lovely photos, I'm on the hunt for wild garlic too.

  8. Lovely flower photos. I have Bluebells and wild garlic growing side by side in my front garden.

  9. Hi! I love your flower pictures during your walk. It just lifts my spirit up when seeing nature in different parts of the world. Your pork dish that you made for your guest looks scrumptious. Cheers from Bangkok!

  10. You have beautiful wildflowers. I've never seen wild garlic. It is very pretty. I'm wondering if it grows in the US. I would love to have time to read all your back posts.

  11. You make such delicious meals and I love all your flower pictures. Wild garlic is beautiful.


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