Wednesday 22 April 2015

D. Day, We Have A Winner

It was a glorious morning and the weather report said it would be quite warm, a few of us put our heads together and made plans. Two of us, Jill and I, have not been to Porthcawl so it was decided that was to be our destination. It was brilliant, bright sun, wide open beaches, rocky bits with rock pools, sand dunes, grass and lots of level walking. We each packed a small picnic, with the idea of sharing, and enjoyed this sitting with our backs to a wall, gazing over the sea. My it was warm, I was happy that I had popped a bottle of lemonade in my cool bag.

This was the most populated part of the beach, we trotted this far to try the ice cream, ab fab, I had peanut butter overload with some honeycomb LUSH.

There was a brave windsurfer, he was quite acrobatic, with an attendant who just could not keep up with him.

These little cuties came over to say "hello, and could we have a lick of your ice cream, please" Their person allowed them to have the tip of a cornet with the merest dab of ice cream.

And now to the important bit.

I went to see Mr Muscle, he has been absent for a while, a nasty accident left him with a sliced open hand. But he still agreed to do the honours, he  had just had a new dressing applied so was having a little lie down to recover.

A quick rustle around, and..........

Jenny Larking, Come On Down. If you drop me an email with your snail mail address I will get it posted off.

Thank you one and all for taking part, unfortunately there can be only one winner.

I enjoyed my day out and if the weather holds fine will have another tomorrow, I am up to date with seed setting and pricking out until Monday probably. The weather should turn on Friday so it will be the dreaded housework.
Now I am off to make a brew and sort out some Pork Escallops for dinner, I will have 2 with some salad, I am ravenous, all that sea air and the walking.

           TTFN                                                                     Pam 


  1. Congrats to Jenny on the win. A gorgeous looking day out you had.

  2. I love Porthcawl and have been there loads of times, for a real treat go to Beale's Fish and Chips, best meal there, so jealous sat in an office all day. Jenny is a very lucky lady.

  3. I love a day at the seaside, especially in the spring it really blows away the winter cobwebs. Congrats to Jenny hope you enjoy your blanket.

  4. Congratulations to Jenny on winning your gorgeous quilt. What a lovely day out you had....and yummy ice cream as well.

  5. My hubby reckons it's mandatory to have fish and chips and an ice cream when you go to the sea side :-) who am I to argue!

    Congratulations Jenny, enjoy your beautiful quilt x

  6. Well done, Jenny, you are a lucky girl :-) Your day out looks wonderful, Pam, I wish we had somewhere like that close to us. I do love the seaside air.

  7. Thank you so much Pam for your generous giveaway. I can't believe my luck. I will email you.

  8. Lucky Jenny winning such a beautiful quilt . Glad you had a lovely day at the seaside , nothing like a beautiful spring day at the beach with fish and chips . Yum. Xxx

  9. Congrats to winner - not jealous in the least!!!!!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger


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