Tuesday 14 April 2015

It's Apple Blossom Time, well almost.

Nearly there, there has been a glimpse of colour for a few days but the drop in temperature slowed it down a bit. I love apple blossom, it is so pretty and later on the tiny fruits are pretty also. Even better are the ones that grow on and get eaten, so looking forward to that. I missed my orchard last year, I used to have apples stored to eat for almost the year round.

I had nice post this morning,

I am looking forward to trying this out, but it will  not be for a few days, I have a BIG project to finish off smartish.

The garden has started to produce some fresh green stuff,

Baby spinach, I love it and will just pick a leaf from each little plant.

Mixed in with some of this and a few radishes it will liven up several meals. Tonight I have a tray of balsamic roast veg in the mini oven, I will have my salad as well and what does not get eaten hot will be lovely cold tomorrow.

My mint is growing apace and look what is trying it out for me.

His eyes glow in the dark, Ben is fascinated and goes out to have a look as often as he can.

The 500 post mark is drawing close,there will be a giveaway. Here is a sneaky peek at what is on the Grace Frame.

I have the layers wound on but not sandwiched together yet, it is too big to wind with my 1600 Janome on there and I need a hand to lift it off. The back rail has to be removed and I am far too much of a clumsy klutz to do it on my own. Help is coming on Thursday. 

The greenhouse is looking better, the tomatoes have put on a growth spurt, the only worry are my cucumbers, I have set 2 lots of seed and nothing so far. I set some more today but I have a nasty feeling that I will have to resort to buying plants in.

Swings and roundabouts, every tomato seed bar 1 germinated so there will be lots of salsa and hopefully some sundried toms in my future.

Time to go and stir my roast veggies around a bit, I may have chopped a few too many so the dish is almost level full, shame that.

            TTFN                                                       Pam


  1. There is promising looking peaks of colour here too, Ben has his bunny Kara has ducklings she keeps going to have a look at them :-)

  2. My cucumbers are under an inch high, but the next few weeks are the catch up time. Nice sunshine in your garden pic's.

  3. The apple blossom is beautiful and I love the little rabbit. We are supposed to have rain ans snow today, but so far just beautiful blue sky. We may have escaped-I'm not complaining!!

  4. my failure this year is courgette seeds I have only 7 out of 18 - very poor.
    Hope you enjoyed your meal

  5. How exciting to be almost blossom time!! xx

  6. Can't wait to see what's on the frame . Love seeing your garden progressing . Ben is a sweetie and funny with his interest in the garden bunny . Xxx

  7. I'm a very late starter here. Got the new compost as my soil is well depleted, got the seeds....oh bum, I forgot I got rid of all my seed trays as they were brittle and rank after approx 10 years! I might have to get plug plants!! It's still too cold oop North yet!

  8. We never have much luck with growing tomatoes from seed, not sure why. Anyway, I will be off to the car boot sales over the next couple of weeks to see if I can pick up some cheap plants.


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