Saturday 13 June 2015

Dare to show my face?

In a response to Kev at An English Homestead, yes of course I will show my face, just as soon as I have tamed this just showered mop.

He did say that silly selfies were welcome, I am debating whether to get it chopped off. The thing is that when I cook I like my hair scraped up, a stray hair in food is so yukky. If I get it cut I either need it long enough to tie up or so short that it does not matter. mmmm, I am not sure that I am ready for such a dramatic change.

Anyhow, to relax my mind, if not my body, I have started sewing scraps again. After my last foray into the scrap bins I threw a load of mismatched bits and strips into a linen basket. Today I tipped it out and started picking through it.

There are lots of oddments in here but I can not bring myself to waste them.

The first pick, pressed and ready to start sewing into pairs.

These pairs are pressed and ready to be paired again. It is a tedious process to begin with but soon grows on me.

Some of these small blocks have 8 or 9 smaller bits stitched together.

All the blocks need tidying up every now and then, once I have a good stack I will straighten up the edges then sew each to a strip. Then start again until most of the scraps are used. Finally I will get all the blocks sewn together, some will need cutting again but most of the "new fabric" will be used.

I have all the scraps from yesterdays quilt in a box. I want to use the old up first. I can not say that I am loving this but I need some brainless activity. Oh yes I could clean the oven or scrub the kitchen floor with a toothbrush but I will pass on those for now.

I had a nice surprise in the post today, 6 packets of seeds from my garden magazine, some of these will be saved to next year but I will be sowing some next week.
What do you think of my new ironing board cover, beneath the seeds, pretty, well padded and under £4 from Poundstretcher, I could not make one for that.

I have had 2 quilts on the frame and FMQ'd with the 1600P. one has gone to a new home and this one will be staying with me. The stitching is a bit hit and miss but I expected it to be much worse. I will be loading another practice quilt tomorrow and will be quilting it on Monday.
BTW the sofa throw is one of the first that I made, it is repurposed curtains and backed with the curtains that I cut the sashing strips from. It cost me just under £5 including the thread and all came from the same CS.

I am now going to settle down and watch NCIS and digest my dinner. A very frugal meal using a half price Pulled Beef joint from Lidl, home grown new potatoes and home made coleslaw. It was just what I fancied, cost around £2 and made 2 good meals and there is slaw in the fridge for another time.

                TTFN                                              Pam,


  1. yep that is the Pam I recognise :-)

  2. Do FM quilt or do you quilt by hand?

  3. Doh! Just read that again, yes you FMQ and on a frame. Oh I dream xx

    1. The frame is great, I have used it to assemble and baste quilts to quilt on my cabinet and to hand quilt. It does eat up a third of my sewing room though. Now I am learning to quilt on it, I do have pantographs as well but am leaving those for a while.

  4. Pam you are a laugh, I thought your hair looked lovely. Always busy, so much sewing I don't know where you find the time to garden as well.

    1. Quite easy, I hardly need any sleep. Sometimes I am up and sewing at 4 am. Plus I have a strict routine for the house and stick to it. Mostly.

  5. Ooh I love your patchwork . Your photo made me giggle Pam. Thus photo reminds me of when I had very long blonde hair . I would completely cover my face with my long hair put my glasses back on and this was my version of Cousin It from the Munsters . I quite favoured this look at a few parties , especially after a few beverages .....

  6. That's how I look when I've washed my hair ! when it's dry I just lean forwards, grab it all and tie it on top - I had a 'messy bun' long before they were fashionable.
    I love your pieces of fabric, I can't bear to throw any away either.

  7. I hate throwing fabric away too but just don't have the time to do any sewing right now - though I did get the curtain lining material when we were lunching with middle daughter yesterday in Swansea. I'm waiting for a wet day WHEN I have finally finished the painting and tarting up here, so we can go back on the market.

    I used to have long hair too, but find it much easier to manage (especially on or after a windy day!) now it's chin-length. Great photo : )


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