Sunday, 14 June 2015

Lazy Sunday in the Sun

It has been a glorious day in the valley, sunny and quite hot most of the day. I have had 2 lots of washing done, dried, ironed and put away. I hate to do it on a Sunday but decided to change both sofa throws and cushion covers, then Ben had a bath so I had his towels as well.
I also managed some more of my new scrappy sewing, there will be no more for a day or 3 as I hope to be busy catching up in the garden. We only had a couple of inches of rain but the grass will have to be cut and I have some serious weeding to do.

Dinner was a very treaty fillet steak, RTC joint, bought ages ago and cut, wrapped and frozen in 4 generous portions at just over £1 each. With it I had some Arran Pilot new potatoes from the garden sweetcorn, calabrese and some mushrooms in a sherry and creme fraiche sauce, recipe idea from Froogs, and very tasty it was. I was stuffed to the gills, so as soon as I could move Ben went for a longish walk.

I had a pootle round the garden with my camera, the photos are not wonderful as the light was waning.

There are some raspberry canes growing with the Aquilegia, I have removed most of them but these few can stay. If they produce decent fruit I will let them spread for next year.

My French Lavender has come back from the brink of extinction, a month ago I was intending to pull it up, I am so glad that I left it.

These little heathers have put on lots of new growth, they were off the clearance stand at B & Q last year for 50p each.

I bought some Lily of the Valley a few weeks ago and it has started to put out flowers, small just now and I have spread them thin. They should spread quite fast as they are in shade for at least half the day and the other plants are growing up around them.

The Fuchsias are pretty but I was expecting them to be taller and the geraniums are very slow to flower.

And finally, my tickets and my hotel reservation are all ready for the Festival of Quilts, I have ordered a shopping trolley from Amazon. On the advice of Dawn, Doing it for ourselves in Wales, this will mean no scrabbling around for bags on the floor when I stop at a stall to check something out. Of course it also means that as I will not have to carry heavy bags I may be tempted to buy more, mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yes, that is a strong possibility.

I think that tea is overdue now, so I am off to the kitchen.

                        TTFN                                          Pam


  1. that's the things with those shopping trolleys you can stuff a lot of material in them!! Enjoy the show though.

  2. Garden looks lovely, lucky you to eat home grown foods


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