Saturday, 27 June 2015

Sewing Fest Saturday

Today dawned bright, sunny and warm, the sitting room had a blitz even had the curtains down and washed. They are now back up looking much fresher.
Bread is made, white for a change, and I made a Pizza for dinner and used up odds and ends from the fridge, I made a little extra dough just for that purpose.

I stripped throws and cushion covers from both sofas and they have all been washed and are dry and put away.

Then and only then did I get stitching, a few days ago I dug out some blocks that have been idling around for quite some time. At a guess I would say 3 years and counting, these are almost a quilt top now, and will be before I call it a day.

There will be 7 rows of 6 blocks, they finish at 9 1/2" square, above they are sewn into pairs. Most of these pairs have now been joined into rows.

I sliver trimmed and this is the total waste, I am more than happy with that.

I mentioned the 10" strip that I trimmed off my roll of wadding, well here it is.

I cut it in half, then quarters length ways and then stitched them all together. Then as it was so long still I cut that in half again and here is the last join. From a potential waste I now have a workable quilt back 80" square. Once again I am happy with that, I will probably add another off cut to make it 80" x 90"-100", I keep all my off cuts in a large box under the frame.

My yellow Rose has opened some buds, the scent is intoxicating.

I was amused to see the picture on the compost that I have ready for it's pot

The flash has washed the colour, it is almost the same as the real flower.

Now then, have you met George yet, I can not remember. George is American, he has been living here in the UK for several years now. He is a bit of a couch potato, or should I say Bed Bug as he lolls around there most of the time. He was willing to model the last quilt before it went off to the post office.

That;s all for now.

       TTFN                                                                     Pam


  1. George looks very comfy on that lovely, bright quilt. I bet the recipients love it.

    1. George would look comfy leaning on a washing line, He is just so laid back.

  2. My teddy - called Teddy! - says that George looks very cosy and comfy in that quilt!! Teddy is a little jealous that he doesn't have a quilt!! xx

    1. Mmmmm, how big is Teddy, perhaps a Teddy photo share is due.

  3. Lucky person who is receiving the quilt . You are so fast in making such beautiful quilts x

  4. George looks like he was having a lot of fun rolling around in the quilt!! How do you use your leftover slices of scraps? They'd make great stuffing for people like George! I was up at 3am reading your blog but wasn't functioning enough to comment, but I'm here now, with a cup of tea. My teddies are little, but the uni one has a giant floppy teddy ( name unknown ) who might just recreate those photos! Xx
    It is absolutely chucking it down right now, so I'm glad I got my gardening done yesterday. Everything is getting a good soaking!
    Have a lovely Sunday Pam x

  5. I don't even begin to understand all the complicated-sounding technical stuff that goes into making a quilt....but your quilts are so gorgeous.

  6. He should be lovely George, love your stitching. Stunning yellow rose.

  7. George doesn't seem to want to let the quilt go! And I'm not surprised, it's lovely. I am so impressed too that you never seem to waste any fabric.
    The roses are beautiful, I love scented roses and they seem few and far between these days. We can never seem to keep them, they die on us. I think maybe the spot we have is too exposed to wind.

  8. I love your scrappy quilts Pam, your sewing fests are always so thrifty and very pleasing to the eye........I think I dream too much of making instead of getting on with it.

  9. Isn't George just the cutest? The only other George I've ever known (of) is George Harrison. My favorite of the Fab Four a lifetime ago.

  10. The quilt is beautiful Pam and I'm sure the recipient will be thrilled with it. Do you use a zigzag stitch to join your wadding, am wondering because I usually keep the pieces in a bin for quilt as you go blocks. So lovely to hear you're enjoying your Gracie, I'm still a little sad I had to let mine go due to not having the room, she has gone to a lovely talented home though.

    Take care

    Peg xx


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