Monday 15 June 2015

Time to sit down? HA

It has been all systems go here today, all though we had a little rain on Friday it was no where near enough. 
I was up early, the dawn chorus starts just outside my bedroom, sometimes it sounds loud enough to be inside. I am not moaning, I love it, I would far rather wake up to that than the sound of heavy traffic.

The house has been blitzed, there is no dirty washing anywhere and the ironing is done. Bread had been made and every pot and plant in the garden and greenhouse has had a good dowsing. Lots of tea has been drunk and an ice cream may have slipped down my throat.

The new Log Cabin quilt is on the frame, I will make a start on it Wednesday. Fingers crossed, it will take me 2 days to quilt as I still have Ben to walk and the garden to look after.

You can see that I have boxes of fabric stacked under the frame, it is wasted space and I can not have any waste in the house.

I am having a day off tomorrow, I am off to Tenby, there is an amazing Deli there that has wonderful Balsamic Vinegar and I also want to stock up on Maple Syrup. There is a small supplier just outside Narberth. The syrup comes from a small farm in Canada and sells for £8.50 for a pint tin. It is superb, I used to time my visits to Cardigan to make sure that I never ran out.
I will of course obey the law that says you Have to have Chips at the sea side.

Now I am going to surround a cuppa before I have a shower.

                 TTFN                                                     Pam


  1. your trip to the deli sounds interesting, I do like a good Balsamic vinegar and love Maple Syrup, have a good day out :-)

  2. Have a lovely time in Tenby. Have you discovered the Tudor Merchant's House yet? Of course, if you go to the seaside, chips are ESSENTIAL : )

    If you want a super duper deli to visit go to Wrights at the Golden Grove in Llanarthne in the Towy Valley. They are horribly expensive but have a selection of top class foods and goodies. It's worth it just to see what they have in stock. They may do your Balsamic Vinegar in there - though it's nice to have an excuse to go to Tenby!!

  3. I hope that you have a great day in Tenby and that you enjoy working on your quilt! xx

  4. Seaside chips just taste so much better than inland chips, fact of life hehe. Have a lovely time in pretty Tenby- I've only been once and I loved it

  5. Pam never break the law, chips on the beach are delightful, It's years since we have been to Tenby, say hi from me.


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