Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Pots and Plants and little visitors

Hello from searing hot Wales, the temperature has got to the stage that I had to retreat indoors. It is not so bad though, I managed a few hours potting on, planting and tidying before lunch, which BTW was not only healthy and nutritious but ab fab.

Some hummus that I made a few days ago and some raw salady things to dip in it, I should have pulled some radish but I am making a mushroom risotto for dinner and will have some with that. I like the contrast of texture, although I do not need an excuse to eat peppery radishes, I love them.

I had a pootle round some pots and spied a few visitors.

This planter of strawberries was rescued from the side of the road on bin day, there are fruits forming and runners ready to be pegged down.

These wild strawberries just appeared, runners have been rooted and moved around. The fruits are quite large and smell and taste glorious.

This young plant was all of £1 and is growing well.

This older plant is a lovely lilac but the sun has bleached out most of the colour, it is growing up through 2 tall shrubs and a net support.

This just appeared, growing though concrete, it deserves a chance, it grows at an amazing rate and the little flowers are pretty.

This is my current quilty project, a gift for RR, I am doing simple loops and swirls with the odd heart here and there. I will be trying more complicated patterns once I feel I am ready.

A little close up to show you the backing pattern.

That's all for now, my quilt is calling.

                         TTFN                                               Pam


  1. Love your garden Pam, you have been busy today

    1. I try to keep busy, I can not graze when I am busy. he he

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  3. sorry Rachel, my hand slipped.

  4. I think my blog is jumpy too tonight!! Gorgeous photos. I have one of those concrete plants too- it's allowed to stay as it's purple!

    1. The flowers are very similar to those on potatoes so I guess it some sort of Solanum.( spelling is a guess)

  5. You have done wonders with your garden in the short time you have been tending it, I love all the flowers. DD has that last purpley climber and it is a bit of a bully but is allowed to stay because the blooms are so pretty.
    I am really enjoying your adventures with the quilting machine too.
    Julie x.

  6. It is a bit thuggish but next year I will have at it with the secateurs and keep it within a defined boundary. The quilting frame has taught me a few lessons, I really need to acquire a large dose of patience for one. I am loving it and on my next quilt will be exploring more designs rather than the doodling that I have done so far. I am working without the stitch regulator. It is around the £500 mark and I would rsather put that towards a Sweet 16 or another machine with built in regulator and a much longer arm.


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