Friday 12 June 2015

Still hanging on in here.

I have been busy, blame Heidi of Fabric Mutt. She wrote a book about organising your crafting space, and I have a copy.
My sewing room has been emptied, all the unwanted contents removed and all my treasures replaced with care and thought. Lovely.
I went through the stash and a glimmer of an idea burst forth....

And a quilt was born, I did get carried away, this measures 68" by 90" and I have another 4 blocks. I kept all the scraps from this and they are together in a box. I may make a few more or just sew them together with sashing and 2 borders to make a sofa quilt.

I was up in time to see the sun rise this morning, it was brighter than this but it took time to get my camera ready. I hoped that this was a harbinger of rain but we have only had a shower. It is taking me ages to water the garden every morning and my water butts are getting low.

I still have lots of calls on my time from family and my friend Maggie needs some TLC and support just now.

Ben is fine and dandy, thank goodness, and Francesca is on top form.

I have my tickets for the Festival of Quilts and Fran has booked her days off.

The strong winds that we had last week shredded a few plants but I had spares. The only gap that I have is peas, I have set 3 lots of Sugar Snap peas and Onward and have half a dozen plants.

Something has rooted half of my perpetual spinach out but I have Chard coming on and will grow some of  that to full size.

I think that I can hear thunder in the distance, I want the rain but not a storm. 

I have to take Ben out now, just in case it decides to pour down.

               TTFN                                                 Pam


  1. Good to hear you are OK and keeping busy!
    We could do with some rain here too, the forecast said showers from 11am onwards but we just had one heavy downpour lasting all of 10 minutes at 7.30pm and now its clear again.

  2. Hope you got your rain, the quilt looks stunning, you are always so busy. It's pouring here, just rain, but it's hot as well. At least the garden is loving the drink, and the butt will fill back up.

  3. It looks like you have been keeping busy, at last e are getting showers but no sign of these big storms they keep saying are coming.

  4. Lovely larhe quilt. Kudos for diving all in on your projects.

  5. Well I am glad all is well with you Pam. The quilt is beautiful and I recognise a few prints , lovely work . Xx

  6. I love the quilt and enjoy the quilt festival

  7. I am envious of the way you can just throw a quilt together, "just like that". We have had rain yesterday evening and overnight, so I expect you have too, as you're not that far away. My garden was very grateful after a couple of warmer days. Me too - fed up with watering round!

  8. Nice steady rain here Dawn. Like you I'm sick of watering ! I was out on my hands and knees last night planting lettuce plants in the hope they would be watered in.. and they have been.
    Nice (log cabin?) quilt. I am in awe that you find time to sew them I have mountains of fabric and unfinished work waiting for me to get around to them.

  9. Always look forward to reading your blog Pam. Beautiful quilt you really are talented. Xx

  10. Another amazing quilt! We have had rain the last few days and expect more for the following week. We have been flip flopping between 30C and 12C. We have been very lucky. Yesterday we had a huge thunderstorm. The north part of the city and south of the city got hail the size of golf balls but we got just rain and high winds. Hope Maggie is feeling better soon.

  11. The festival you are planning on attending sounds like fun. Have a good time, but stay safe!

  12. Your quilt looks great! Enjoy the quilt festival! xx


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