Tuesday 17 November 2015

More Rabbit than Anywhere.

Never mind the quality. feel the width and the river of chatter was both wide and deep yesterday. 
There was a little Bloggy gathering in No 11 Cafe in Newcastle Emlyn, tea, tea cakes and Diet coke were consumed and the talk was excitable, meaningful and (at times) silly. The lovely proprietors did not mind a jot and we did try hard not to disturb anyone.
The menu looked good, some delish home made soup especially but who had time to eat?
I had read a few "iffy" reviews on trip advisor but panic ye not, all was just as it should be. Lots of peeps eating, drinking and talking and having a good time. I will be back, it is a good stopping off point on my way to Cardigan, and I dare say that we may force ourselves to "rinse and repeat" a time or three.
Once we had eaten and drunk  we toddled back to the cars to stash our little gifts.

The very pretty pegs from Dottie's daughter will be used in my sewing tip room and I had the basket making kit from Dawn out of the plastic before the kettle had boiled once I was indoors.
Bovey Belle is a cake maker extraodinaire and of course she could not bring cake to a cafe. Be warned though BB, I will expect a Hooooge slice of something delumptuous on our next meet up.

Then we made our way, still talking a storm, to Crosspatch, cue much oohing and ahhing, quite a bit of "just look at this" and plenty of " I have to have that".
In my defence every thing that I purchased was in the bargain bins with the exception of this pattern.

I just have to figure out when I will make one, it is a times like this that I am pleased to have a touch of insomnia.

I also found,

2 lovely Christmas panels, they will be for next year I think.

2 half mtr cuts, the peg one will make me a new peg bag. I know, not very original but I don't give a jot, as my Granny used to say "there is nothing new under the sun". The bottom piece just jumped into my hands, it will make wonderful binding.

These packs of bricks will become part of something small next year, exactly what is still a mystery to me.

Last* but not least is this charm pack, full of bright prints and very dotty, I loves polka dots.

*OOPS, that was a lie.

I also found 2 Christmas charm packs, and having cherry picked through them, some became these.

I love working with HST,s and since I treated myself to this ruler I have no issues with final size.

I trimmed them to 41/2" very quickly,

with minimal waste, well not waste as it will go into the "stuffing bag" or perhaps out for the birds nesting in the spring along with the trimmings from my crochet.

I did snap some pics in the shop,

I did not take many as I had my hands full and was just too busy trying not to miss anything.

We talked non stop while paying for our findings, we were so lucky as the shop is not really open on Monday, and then sauntered back along the street and found some other crafty shops to pop into. I kept my hands firmly in my pockets though, I did spot some batting ready fused to a cream cotton and will be back in the New Year to get some.

In the meantime I found some narrow strips of Christmas fabric from 3 or 4 years ago and, with some of the stash,made a pile of place mats with them. There is a fundraiser in the library next month and I will be sewing lots of scraps up for them, time willing. I use the library quite a bit and want it to remain open, so I am happy to support it.

Now I am off to lay out my HST,s , I am undecided as to whether they will become a bag or a cushion. I will let you know.

Perhaps tea will help the little grey cells, well it's worth a try.

                            TTFN                                         Pam


  1. What a fabulous day you all had!!! How wonderful to meet up with great friends hey! xx

  2. It was a lovely meet up and I am looking forward tot he next one when we will have Louise join us :-)

    1. I an with you on that one, allways up for a day out and a goss.

  3. Fear not, I shall bake for the next one! It was a lovely meet up, and thank you SO much for bringing that perfume along. I am wearing mine this morning and love it. I "may" just allow myself an afternoon with some patchwork today, and just save my crochet for the evening . . .

    1. I put my hands up and 'fess to having abandoned the WIPs covering the sewing room and played with my charms to make a quilted bag. Crochet tonight, no probs.

  4. What a great outing, craft purchases and meeting with friends it doesn't get any better.

    1. It was great, all the good things packed up together. Friends, chat, tea, crafting goodies, what more could you want. And there was toasted teacakes with lots of butter.

  5. It sounds like you all had a great time meeting up, chatting, drinking, eating and buying. What's not to love about that?

  6. Perfectly beautiful way to spend your day! Love the patterns on your buys!

  7. Sounds like a fun gathering. A visit to a craft shop is great, but so much better with a group of likeminded friends!
    Teresa x

  8. Can't go wrong with good food and drink with great friends. Sounds like you had a great day.



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