Sunday 15 November 2015

Waving, not drowning

Mornin' all, just popped in to say hello and Isn't it wet out there.
At one point yesterday it was coming down so hard that it was bubbling back up from the storm drains. The road was so deep that only the white line was visible, just like living on a river bank. I quite expected Ratty and Mole to pop in for tea and cake, Mr Toad would never have got his car through the water.

I hunkered down and in the interest of " making something out of nothing" I raided the linen store. 
A while ago one of my friends, with more money than sense, had a some work done on her house and lost the airing cupboard. It must have been Hoooge as she gave me a massive stack of towels, all in really good condition. She had decided that she just had to have new ones, all matchy matchy. My gain. I did take several to James and Cerys as they go through stacks.

The rest went into my store and I turfed out some that had worn a bit thin over the years. Yesterday I rescued 4 of these, 2 pale blue that were each cut into 8 and overlocked, these are now kitchen cloths. I have put the old ones into the cleaning cupboard and the ratty old ones are now relegated to the greenhouse for glass cleaning  and pot washing.

There were also 2 burgundy bath towels, I cut  both into 4 and overlocked them, white thread but no worries, and they are now kitchen hand towels. I go through 2 or 3 a day if I am busy cooking and baking, I have a clean one daily at the least.

I did take some pics, but there are some half done sewing projects in with them so I will post them all when finished.
I am steadily working through the stash and have decided to cut my storage down, I will just change a large cupboard with a small wicker chest of drawers from upstairs. I need more storage there so it is win win.

Did any of you see Jack's post on feeding a family of 4 for a week on £35. I have a house full for the rest of the month so I am going to have a go. We are starting with chicken rather than pork, but they are fairly interchangeable meats.
I made the Berry Bircher Pots for breakfast and the amount for 3 does 4 easily, I had to add more milk as it was a bit too solid, but I do use Greek yoghurt from Lidl and it is very thick.

It is not raining at the moment but is very grey, I will be fine sewing or hooking away. Ben has been out and is snoring on the sofa.

I have worked out my meal plan for next week.
Breakfast will be berry bircher or porridge or toast.
Lunch will be leftovers or soup, I will be making some carrot and coriander  later.
Dinners will be,

Today, Roast Chicken, roast pots and parsnips, Yorkshire Pudding, cabbage and carrots.

Monday, Beany Burgers, spiced potato wedges and home made coleslaw.

Tuesday, Chicken in a pepper and tomato sauce with pasta.

Wednesday, Quorn chilli and rice.

Thursday, Chicken and mushroom pie, mashed root veg and cabbage.

Friday, Impossible Quiche, I will fill this with peppers, mushrooms, celery and onion so it will be a one dish wonder.

Saturday, Veg curry and flatbreads, rice for the greedy.

I will make a couple of batches of cookies for the sweet toothed, but do not envisage making puddings.

I am off now to get busy, I love a wet day or 5.

                  TTFN                                               Pam


  1. I too am loving the wet cold weather!

  2. You have been busy, my mum always cut down old towels and sheets, they always have a bit which can be reused.

  3. Sounds like a great plan for the week. I wish my lot would eat more veg but hubby has been brought up with the attitude if there's no meat and potato on the plate it's not a proper meal. It's taken me years to accept pasta as a potato substitute. I'll never get him to eat vegetarian xx

  4. Good meals plan. I must get myself sorted, but it is difficult when half the time OH and I eat different meals as he is so fussy. Well done with repurposing some of those towels.

    See you tomorrow!

  5. Staying inside and sewing while the weather is this wild seems like a very good idea to me! Great idea to repurpose the towels like that! If only I actually had any old towels! xx

  6. You can turn a rainy gloomy day in a very interesting post. I would love to plan meals a week ahead. That would be wonderful, but my mind just doesn't work that way. :)


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