Sunday 8 November 2015

Planning the week ahead

I have just posted a recipe on the Random Recipe in the side bar, do have a look and possibly try it. I am still savouring the flavour as are my guests.

I drew up a meal plan based on the fridge and freezer contents, and luckily it will all stretch to feed 2 or 3, as I will have company all week.

Today, Pot Roast Top Rump of Beef, in the slow cooker and served with mashed potato and Kale from the garden.

Monday, Sweet and Sour Quorn with peppers, celery, bamboo shoots and water chestnuts on noodles.

Tuesday,  Shepherds pie with a sweet potato and mustard mash top and shredded  cabbage.

Wednesday,  Beany Veg Hot Pot, I have a tin of mixed beans and will make a Smoked paprika and tomato sauce and use what ever veg is in the fridge. Sliced potato on the top makes it a one dish wonder.

Thursday,  Macaroni Cheese, using a tub of cream cheese, fresh herbs and some RTC Gorgonzola with peas and sweetcorn.

Friday,  Goujons of Sea Bass with home made chips and mushy peas. The Sea Bass was a gift and slicing it into goujons will help it to go further.

Saturday,  Spicy Burgers in gram flour flat breads, I am determined to try making as many things as possible with my gram flour. Coleslaw and salad leaves on the side.

I was lucky to find the Gorgonzola in Lidl on Thursday, I love it, soft and creamy and full of flavour.

My Black Kale, dark green really, is going great guns and I hope to be eating it for quite a while yet. The curly Kale and Flower of Spring plants are thriving under their fleece cover, although Abigail did try to dislodge it yesterday.

During my nocturnal waking hours I did a little hand sewing and some more crochet, read a book and started to draw up plans for the veg garden. Ben kept me company so there was a little playing as well.
I also caught up with Strictly, I could not settle to watch it in the evening. Peter Andre was amazing, Carol really needs to loosen up and Jeremy was more like a novelty act on Opportunity Knocks.

I think that the judges are spot on with their comments, it is no good being mealy mouthed it does no good. However I think that every non dancer is trying hard to make the grade. They are working incredibly hard to learn their routines in a week and holding down their day jobs as well. I applaud them all. I used to dance as a teenager and it is not easy.

              TTFN                                                     Pam


  1. I love when we can plan a weeks meals from what we already have in xx

    1. It means minimal shopping and that is a bonus.

  2. I have tried meal planning and it just dosent work for me, I am more of a what do I fancy to eat, having a good choice in store suits my needs, your menu sounds lovely :-)

    1. If I do not plan I tend to cook too much or can not decide what to have and live on grilled cheese sandwiches.

  3. Sounds like a good weeks eating! Hope that you enjoy all your meals and your company too. Gram flour is traditionally used to make onion bahjees if you need another idea! I cannot spell bajhees though - trying another way! xx

  4. I do make onion thingees and have used grated courgette as well, very tasty. I just had the itch to try something different.


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