Wednesday 25 November 2015

Still here, still sewing.

Internet has been very sporadic for a while, as has the sky signal, so the little man in a van spent some time here this morning. I was outside while he was up a ladder and it was a bit sweary, I muffled a giggle and scooted back inside. 
I have a zillion emails to sift through so if you are waiting for a reply you know why.

I took Maggie and her gorgeous black cat Marcus to the vet this morning, clean bill of health and we did the shop a day early. Saves trudging out tomorrow, I only needed a few things so lots of change from £10.

We have had lots more rain but with a scattering of sunny spells that come and go in the blink of an eye.

The Beast mark 2 is quilted and I am about half way stitching the binding down on the back. The 2 charm square quilts are now sewn together and will be layered and basted tomorrow.

I have dug out my bag of odds and end balls of yarn and intend to hook up some little birds this evening, I feel like playing. I have just sewn 3 Owls together for a wall hanging, no idea where they will end up yet, not with the children though as they have black beads for eyes.

I realised a little while ago that I have not made Fran a birthday cake cushion so will be squeezing that in somewhere. I will probably cut it out and sew together this evening and then quilt and assemble it tomorrow morning. I know full well that she has more than enough cushions but also that she will be put out if she does not get one. Every one else has had one after all.

There are 2 Christmas fairs coming up, 1 in our village hall and 1 in the next village right next to the library.
 Both on the same day and both at the same time Ridiculous, lack of communication and more than a touch of "oneupmanship".

Oops, I nearly forgot, Maggie has got the bungalow in our village, she is still waiting to find out when she will get the keys. Good news, once she gets a removal firm booked for the big stuff we can start to ferry smaller things over and make Moving Day as stress free as possible.
I will be on hand to lift and move for her and will do any curtain alterations.
Muscle has been organised for anything awkward and /or heavy. 

Lamb and veg Oggy for dinner with puff pastry from Farm Foods.
Tomorrow it will be chicken and home made chips. This week it has been a case of "what needs eating and what is at the top of the freezer" I will get back on track with a meal plan for next week.
 Now, though, it is most definitely time for a brew.

                     TTFN                                        Pam


  1. I wondered what happened to you, I had this vision of you trapped under a pile of fabric and just your feet and hands sticking out, our mobile phone signal has been playing up I think something must have worked loose on the tower with the high winds the other week.
    Pop over to Sooze on she is looking for some-one to make a bag I suggested you :-)

  2. It has been rain, rain and more rain here, send some of you sunshine over this way.

  3. Pam, if you leave me your email address in a comment on my blog (which obviously I won't publish), I'll get in touch re the patchwork crochet bag. Thanks very much.

  4. I had to look up the word 'oggy'. I know what you are talking about now!

  5. We changed to Sky for a while from Virgin Media but their internet was useless and they couldn't seem to fix our problem so they let us out of the contract and we returned to Virgin. I'm glad your problem got fixed and hope it stays reliable. As usual you've been extremely busy. I'm knitting blankets for my 2 daughters' cats at the moment, and have 2 more pairs of socks to knit if I can find the time in between trying to coax the cats out of hiding and clearing up puppy poop. Luckily 2 of the blankets don't need to be completed until after Xmas as said daughter and finace will be in France for the silly season this year. Please, what's an OGGY? Love, Helen x


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