Tuesday 26 July 2016

A bit of a catch up.

I have been busy, lazy and all points in between over the last few days. The weather has been jumping around from hot hot hot to Wet Wet Wet. 
I have been hurtling round the house trying to keep it all up to date. I have also been a bit of a couch potato, feet up, tea to hand, knitting and crochet beside me watching podcasts.
Mainly 4, Amy at Love made my home, Sam at betsy makes, Catherine at Crafternoon Treats and Sandra at Cherry Heart.

I am such a klutz at times, Crafternoon Treats is written by Kathryn, and I knew that very well. My only excuse is that I was under the influence of Solpadol at the time of writing. I should know better really. 

I have learnt loads, laughed out loud, drooled and gone pea green with envy and been inspired.
I have almost completed one project, I am just waiting for the handles to finish this.

This is (or will be once finished) my version of Wink's fat bottomed bag, it looks floppy without it's handles. They are on their way and I will be able to sew the flowers on once they go in.

The basic construction is a large Granny Square. I made this with a James C. Brett chunky yarn, Lakeland in colour K6.
This is 72% acrylic, 18% wool and 10% Polyamide, it is very lightweight 200 metres in a 100 gram ball. It is soft and lovely to knit and crochet with, I used it for my Moccasocks.

As you can see it is a greedy bag and will hold a good sized project.

I have lined it with a double layer of quilting cotton in 
coordinating colours. The handles will be bamboo.

Catherine from Crafternoon treats made one for a Charity raffle earlier this year and I aim to donate this one. I will put yarn, pattern and hook in ready for a project. Once the handles are in and it is finished I will let you all know where it is going.

It was knit and natter this afternoon and I took it along for a "show and tell" and I think that some of them have caught the bug.

I read daisy Jones blog and she mentioned the latest copy of this magazine,

I am going to make this little shawl, I have lots of thin summery scarves and wraps and only a few woolly ones.

I got this from Deb's today for the shawl. Is is so soft and is superwash 100% wool

2 balls of this jumped into my arms as well, a King Cole anti pill Acrylic, very soft and very smooth, probably another shawl.

On the subject of Shawls, this is what I started this afternoon,

Shawl Linus, a free pattern from Annett Cordes, this Ombre yarn is a Designer Yarn choice La Paz, colour 010. 190 metres, 100 gram and is a 75% Polyacryl,15% Mohair and 10% Alpaca blend, very soft and not too tickley .

I have a few quilted and lined bags, in various stages, on the work table. I hope to get those finished by the weekend.

I also have a hedgehog.


That's right, a hedge hog, just a little one. I found him soaking wet in the courtyard bit of my garden the other morning, he was lost and confused. He was wrapped up and tucked away in a box in the warm, he has been fed and grunted his thanks, very loudly. If he stays in the garden he will have a permanent home made for him.
In the meantime I am now buying cat food again.

My sciatica has returned with a vengeance, it will pass, it always does and in the meantime pain killers keep it in check.

I am almost at the "go to bed before I fall down stage" but want to share a couple of photo,s of Ben after his bath.

How one little dog can soak 4 big towels I do not know, he almost swims through them

                            TTFN                                         Pam


  1. My little pooch is 12 lbs and takes up quite a few towels after he gets bathed. I bath him in-between groomings but the gals at the groomers love him because he is so good there. He adores being adored. My big dog walks into the shower with my husband and lets the mist setting get her wet. With the temps being around 31C and all the smoke in the air from the Sand Fire (even though we're 60 miles south) we all could use a mister.

    1. A mister sounds good, we just get the coastal mist sweeping down the valley.

  2. I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you are. So sorry to hear that you have sciatica....I know what that is like.
    Still in awe of all of your woolly projects...the bag looks gorgeous.
    Take care-x-

    1. The bag is lush, I am impatiently waiting for the handles, I may have ordered several pairs. I think the bags will make gorgeous presents.

  3. I havent had much time for crafting just the odd bit here and there, nothing wrong with being a couch potato occasionaly, hope your twinges pass soon

    1. You have had a full house for a while add in the animals and the garden and I am amazed that you find time to eat naver mind craft.

  4. Sometimes it does you good to be a couch potato , It revitalises you , The bag is amazing xxx

  5. The colours of the Linus yarn us beautiful! Ben looks very comfy!


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