Wednesday 6 July 2016


Well that flew by. I was busy in house and garden all morning, with some dog walking on the side. Then it was off to Debs wool shop for knit and natter. it was a good afternoon, 3 new faces and a demonstration in invisible joining.
There was new wool to drool over (and maybe some fell into my basket) and some glorious patterns to show the wool off in all its glory.

I started a new project and will share later in the week. There will be, fingers crossed, another delivery of wool and a new crochet blanket pattern in time for next Tuesdays session. I do like a long term something on the go as well as a fast and furious small thing to work on.

The sun was out but even though I was early I did not succumb to the delights of the ice cream shop. A jolly good thing too as there was chocolate cake to have with our tea and coffee, I was very restrained and only had one slice AND I resisted the lure of dabbing up the crumbs with a wet finger. 

Come on, you know you do it. Well I do if no one is looking.

Deb has finished a beautiful circular baby blanket in crochet. She only learnt a few weeks ago, mastered the granny square and jumped right in the deep end. Now she is organising a blanket crochet along. I could almost say that she is well and truly hooked. 

I have been outside most of the morning, more washing done and on the whirlythingamajig. Where does it all come from? Who creeps in and fills the washing bins? Is it the tooth fairy going bad?

Enough of such guess work.

I had to cut the lupins right down, the wind had done so much damage that once I had cut the broken stems out it looked as though a herd of goats had chomped their way through. The plants had become very large so out they will go and some smaller, less thuggish plants will be moving in. I have a couple of Penstemons in pots and a rock rose to start with. Then there are Wallflowers, Aquilegia and Sweet William seedlings for later on.

I had a lucky find in a CS on Monday afternoon, a small coffee pot in Royal Albert Old Country Roses for £2:45. It is in perfect condition and sits well with the rest of my china. I will use it as a hot water jug to top up the teapot. I did give them more than they were asking, although I have no idea what it is valued at I would imagine around £20.

Now I need to get a wiggle on, my tea is drunk and Ben is looking at me. You dog owners will know exactly what I mean.

       TTFN                                                          Pam


  1. Your knit and natter group sounds like such fun.

  2. I had to cut my lupins back last week as they looked like someone had spent the night in amongst them such a shame as they were putting on a lovely display, perhaps another flush of flowers will come through before summer is out, I have Sol sitting here giving me that look :-)

  3. Wow you really did get a bargain on the Royal Albert. A coffee pot these days is more in the region of £60.

  4. You left all those crumbs? Shame on you! :)

  5. There is chocolate cake here too Pam but I wouldn't dare eat the crumbs else the dog would disown me.
    Our garden is looking very tatty and will need a good tidy up this weekend if the weather is OK-x-


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