Friday 29 July 2016

Why Don't

Dog walkers clean up behind their dogs.

All road users observe, and act according to, the road conditions.

Smokers put their stubs and empty packets in a bin.

Car owners empty their ashtrays and fast food cartons into that bin.

Horse riders keep off the roads at busy times.

Cycling clubs go out in pairs not packs.

Chocolate manufacturers make calorie free bars.

Cats dig holes in their own gardens.

Newspaper printers use ink that does not come off on your hands.

Recycling collections take plastic every week when it forms the majority of today's rubbish.

Supermarkets provide receptacles for shoppers to leave said plastic.

Call centres use people who can understand and be understood.


I have a case of  " the can't help its and don't intend to try" today.
I have done the brunt of the housework, walked the dogs, done the washing. Planned dinner, played with my knitting,

Still about 12" more to go on the Linus Shawl.

Naughtily made a start on the crochet shawl, it has grown a bit since I took this. It is a very simple 2 row pattern.

Found a note book to start recording what I make and materials used.

This is Linus, I just need to enter the finish date and add a small swatch of the yarn.

Ditto the crochet shawl.

I snitched this idea from Sam at betsy makes, it makes so much sense, I can never remember the important details so this will be invaluable.

The pink yarn is a little splitty, this may be my fault as I have not used such a small hook for ages. I nearly frogged it out but decided to push through the pain barrier and now am glad that I did so.

The Linus yarn is a bit tickley to work  with so I need long sleeves. I am not worried about any irritation when wearing it. If blocking doesn't help I will just make sure that I wear it with a polo neck top.

It has been a dull day and is raining now, I did get the washing hung out for a couple of hours and it is now on the horse.

If this weather persists I expect to finish Linus tomorrow, I want to get it off the circular needle as I want it to finish the jumper sleeves. My size 4mm pins are not long enough now that all the increases are done. Only 20 rows before the decreasing but I threw the towel in after dropping stitches off the points  last night.

I think that,s all for now, have a good weekend.

                  TTFN                                                   Pam


  1. Hallo Pam. I wish I'd thought of a notebook to record everything I've knitted in the past It would have brought back some good memories, not only of the things I've made, but also who I made them for and the wool I used to be able to get. I was a prolific knitter.
    In my area of Wales we do have a weekly pick-up of plastic, along with foil and tins, as well as paper, cardboard and glass.
    I've given up straining trying to understand a caller from a call centre and usually end up telling them so before saying goodbye and putting the 'phone down.
    The thing that really annoys me about car drivers is when they park on the footpath. No way can a pushchair or wheelchair get past them, so they have to risk going into the road.

    Joan (Wales)

    1. Our plastic, along with black bin, is collected fortnightly.
      I am happy to report that the first page in my notebook is now completed.

  2. Good list, I could have wrote it myself.

    1. I think that most of us suffer similar annoyances, I was just having a moment. It was good to slam it down and get it out of my system.

  3. It has come over all cloudy, so expecting rain, time to stitch.

  4. I love the idea of recording your makes and listing the materials great idea. I will start doing that. Thanks for the idea. Have a great weekend.

    1. I was just blown away when I saw Sam's notebook. Such a simple idea, and as a list maker I am done in that I had not thought of it myself.

  5. Oh you know what Pam, what a genius idea!!
    I always use notebooks and title them BUT I've never stuck the yarn band in!! Thanks for the idea!! Love the shawl X


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