Friday 15 July 2016

My day cut short.

Wake up at 5:45.
Kettle on, Ben out the door. washing in the machine.
6:15 in the shower.
6:30 more tea.
7:00m washing on the line, warm in the sun.
Wander round the garden, Ben at heel.
7:45 out the door to collect Archie and Dolly for walk. Dive back in for a jacket Brrrr
8:45 drop A and D off at their home and head back with Ben.
9:00 breakfast for Ben, cereal and coffee for me.
9:30 wash up clean sink and tops then floor.
10:00 dead head flowers in front garden, pull a few weeds.
10:30 Look at back garden in despair . Vow to spend tomorrow out there.
10:40 more washing in machine, whizz round bathroom.
11:00 collapse with tea and knit for 30 minutes while brain stops whirling.
11:35 Help to move equipment in garden over the road, large deck being put in.
12:00 walk Ben, pick wild strawberries.
12; 40 grab washing in and fold up.
12:45 make and eat quick sandwich, brush hair, grab knitting and leave house.
1:00 pick up K and take to Xpert diabetic course in Llandybie and breathe.
Go straight on to Llandeilo and rush to Debs shop.
1:20 fall onto shop sofa and start chatting and knitting.
drink tea, chat, knit rinse and repeat,
3:40 leave to drive back to Llandybie, collect K.
4:00 call in at Lidl for milk.
4:45 arrive home and walk Ben.
5:30 make tray of roast veg up and hurl into oven, slice some cold roast beef up.
6:20 eat, drink tea.
7:10 wash up.
7:30 on sofa, have knitting, mindless telly on
That was my day. The back of the jumper/sweater is done, the front is on the needles. Ben is snoring. Telly is now off. 
I still have not answered comments and I am far behind on blog reading.
Tomorrow is mine, I hope, no errands to run, no chauffeur duties, shopping, machine moving or any other tasks lined up.
I plan on back garden in the morning and front in the afternoon, any precipitation will see me head for sofa and knitting.
I am determined to  finish my knitting before I touch the blanket.
Now just a few more rows and another cuppa.

               TTFN                                             Pam


  1. What a busy day its a wonder you didnt meet yourself coming, hope today is more relaxing for you :-)

    1. I am not sure what caused it but this should have posted on Thursday, not to worry. Thursday was in the garden most of the day and yesterday was on the sofa knitting. We were in a cloud all day and today looks to be much the same.

  2. Wow, you are making my head swirl with all that activity. Hope you manage to get your feet up and take a breather tomorrow.

    1. It looks worse written down, it was not bad at all I got to spend a chunk of the afternoon in good company.

  3. Just a normal day then!

  4. Good grief! I bet you will sleep well tonight!

    1. I did, and woke up ready to hit the floor running.

  5. With all those cuppas, I am assuming there are a bunch of bathroom breaks in there that you politely didn't include 😀

    1. Naturally, not from politeness though, just never occurred to me. I did forget to put the little bit of ironing in as well.

  6. I reckon you wear big blue satin knickers Mrs!!

  7. Gosh....that was a whirlwind of a day for you.
    Hope your weekend is relaxing-x-

    1. I am chilling on the sofa, watching Sunday Brunch with half an eye, knitting to my side and crochet on the coffee table.

  8. I feel tired just reading this. Hope you have a little more time to relax tomorrow. It was fun to read about your busy day though!

  9. My goodness, quite a day! I hope you have had a rest since then!

    1. Yes I have, I will be busy next week again.


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