Monday 4 July 2016

Would you Adam and Eve it!

After getting all my washing line dried on Saturday and basking in sunshine all of Sunday I got up this morning and watched as the drizzle swept over the Morriston Mountain straight down into the valley.

Hey Ho, not to worry, I have lots to do indoors. I did not lift a finger yesterday regarding houseworky things.

I did plan on making a pasty for dinner but did a Tesco run at 3:20 and picked up loadsa bargainicious stuff.

Whole roasted large chickens for £3, they may have gone down a bit more but I would not lose them. 1 for dinner, 1 for the freezer and 1 for my lovely friends A and K.
There were packs of dry cured ham down to 10%, I 'fess up to snaffling 6 decent sized packs. This freezes well and does not thaw out wet. Again I took some to A and K, some went with the chicken for dinner and the rest in the freezer. Chicken and ham pie will be on the menu next weekend, Fran loves it.
Salad pots with lots of Edamame beans in down to 10p, some for dinner last night and some to share.
Cambazola blue brie was 29p a 225 g wedge, I freeze this and grate or chop from frozen into hot pasta, instant yummylicious sauce.

Some items were hardly reduced at all, cherries were down from £3 to £2:20, in Home Bargains they are 89 p a punnet, and very nice too.
Sandwiches and rolls were marked down by 1/3rd but I never buy those and all those fancy packs of chopped up fruit were also only down by 1/3rd.
I was more than happy with my haul and so glad to be able to share the bounty.

My knitting has come on apace, mainly because I have been changing the sewing area around and the cabinet is piled high.

One pair finished.

Another started, this brown is a bugger to see in artificial light, even with a spot lamp on it was not good. My aim this week is to get my self out and buy a craft light.

This pink Alpaca Tweed cardigan has been languishing around for many weeks, just needed  the rib bands and then sewing up. I will need to get buttons for it tomorrow.

I liked the cabled sleeves while I was knitting it, not so keen on them now though.

The sewing room has got a new shelf and some more storage boxes. I have more or less finished stacking them now, I may need to squeeze a small box in to hold elastic. 

Much better now, I can see at a glance what I have and how much.

This unit is now for my yarns, I got fed up with rootling around under the sofa and anyway I wanted to use that to hide away my Ch*****as shopping. That Francesca does not miss a thing and I have made a start on stashing gifts away. The bottom row is now empty, those fabric boxes held fabric offcuts and so on. Now I need to find a new home for them.

I think that I have caught you up with my doings and now I am off to have a quick catch up on blog reading. Time for a cuppa before I go back to sorting the sewing cabinet.


  1. I have the same problem with knitting/ handstitching at night as you. I bought a adylight bulb which cost £6 and fitted it to an old spotlight. Best £6 ever invested-it's ace and much less expensive than the lamps. Maybe worth a try? Sewing on hold today as some house blessing must be done. Catriona

    1. Thank you for the tip, I will be driving through Ammanford tomorrow and will slip into Wilko and have a look. I have given the upstairs a blessing so far and the sitting room has had a good sort through. The sewing room is still a work in progress and the kitchen gets whizzed round after dinner daily. Now it is feet up for an hour before dog walking.

  2. Great bargains Pam.
    Your craft stash is very organised.

    1. I hate it when I can not see what I have for looking. I am guilty of pulling three time as much as I need out for each project. I just hope that this will keep me focused.

  3. Beautiful socks.
    Ooooh look at you all nice and tidy in your sewing area....I am just tackling that today. Why does it get in such a mess? -x-

    1. You know the fable of the shoemakers Elves. Well I am convinced that there are crafty Imps who creep in at night and make a mess.

  4. The cubby hole storage is the same as I used in the shop for displaying yarn, I brought it all here with me, have a big section of it in the cabin and have some in the house gave loads of it to family and friends its so usefull, I have a daylight lamp and love it also have a small spot light with a daylight bulb works just as well.

  5. You certainly got some bargains, particularly the chickens. I like the sweater, those sleeves are so different and so nice.

  6. Great bargains at the supermarket, a wonderful haul. I got lucky with a craft lamp at the car boot sale a few weeks ago, they really are quite expensive otherwise.

  7. You may do this already but consider looking at bargain clothes in Charity shops just for their buttons. JanF

  8. You shouldn't have shown your socks, I feel guilty now. I have a pair on the go, one finished and one half done, I really should get on with them. Maybe seeing yours will spur me on ( when the tennis is over, ha ha)

  9. You do find the best bargains! Wish we had a Tesco over here! I love your knitted socks and the sweater. I think the cabled sleeves are pretty! Your are amazing Pam! I'm wondering if changing things around in my sewing room will inspire me to sew again. I'm bored with sewing right now.

  10. Wonderful bargains and lots of great organizing.

  11. A very good post, you seemed to organized it very well.
    I need to do that also.
    I like your socks!
    I need a better work light as well.

  12. I think we got your rain yesterday afternoon. he socks are coming along quickly. Your sewing room is looking very neat and tidy.


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