Tuesday 19 July 2016

Breaking the Rules

My rules that is, first one is
Never buy cheap, you only have to buy again.
Number 2,
One in, One out.

I saw this in Home Bargains, and it came home with me.

Very pretty, very cheap bed linen and not needed at all. It does have one redeeming feature though, It Is Thin and Cool to Sleep Under.

I can stick it on the line and in 30 minutes it is dry enough to go back on the bed if I so want to. I do not expect it to last beyond the summer (?), if it does it will be a Brucie Bonus.

I have spent my time from Sunday looking after Ben, he has settled down now and has had 2 very small meals today, fish and rice, and kept them down.
I have whizzed round the house and got every thing done, no Knit and Natter today though. I did not want to leave him alone, just in case.
Most of the time I have been in the middle of the sofa, feet up on a cushion on the coffee table with Ben either sprawled over me or by my side with his head on my lap. He has had 2 little walks and will have another later.
I have been knitting the second sock of a pair and watching podcasts from Crafternoon Treats on You Tube on the telly. I have followed the blog for a while but only watched the first podcast.
I learnt lots and enjoyed all the ones that I have watched, she has inspired me to order some yarn for a couple (ha ha) of new projects.

I also wanted to share this little wrinkle for knitting socks on straight needles.
When I divided the stitches to make the heel I was leaving the spare ones on stitch holders, all very well but for 2 things.
One, they were heavy enough to drag the knitting down and stretch the stitches.
Two, with a dark wool I had trouble counting the slipped stitches for picking up.
My solution for One was to leave the stitches on a bit of spare wool. For Two I just put a stitch marker on the first slipped stitch on each side, it made counting up an easy task, even on this brown.

This pair is just waiting to be crocheted together with a central seam.

Dinner tonight will be a lentil and sweet potato curry, I may add some chick peas if I feel like it. I have rice in the freezer, a couple of minutes in the ding oven will see to that. Dinner in 25 minutes and one pot to wash up, nice.

Ben will have more fish with just a sprinkle of rice, not pampered at all you understand.

I hope to cast on the sleeves of my jumper this evening, unless it is just too hot. In that case it will be some crochet, perhaps a flower or three.

Now I think that a cool drink is in order, squash for me and water for Ben. Even I can only drink so much tea in this heat.

               TTFN                                              Pam


  1. Poor little Ben.
    Smudge is wandering a bit today I don't think he can find just the right spot to settle in.
    Thoughts of knitting make me want to dive in a cold shower. I got hot and flustered just cutting out the pattern for my dress-x-

  2. Your rules are similar to mine. Cant abide clutter or hanging onto stuff I know I wont use. I'll give youtube crafternoon a look as I love things like that.

  3. The cover is lovely. I like light colour but have a husband so it's dak colours for now. Poor ben, hope he fells better soon.
    I've been taking half frozen cordial drinks to work. It's thunering at this morning with a little bit of rain, no heavey down pour yet.

  4. Poor Ben. Hope he is on the road to recovery soon, our dog is suffering a little with the heat we put ice cubes in his water to keep it cool but he just tends to bite into them.

  5. Poor Ben, perhaps the heat just got to him. It makes me feel quite wretched too. Lovely bed linen, Pam, we have just been sleeping on the top of the bed as it's so darned hot!

  6. Glad Ben is feeling better. Your new bedlinen is very pretty! I have a podcast, don't know if you have seen it? Hope you enjoy it if you have! xx

  7. Hope you are all feeling better soon in your house. I love to follow your blog and read what you have been knitting/crocheting/growing! I too like to knit, however I wish I could knit a bit quicker, I did try 'continental' style once but it needed a lot more practise than I really gave it! Thank you for writing your blog x

  8. Poor Ben. I bet he's glad he has a 'mom' who sits with him for comfort. The bedding is pretty and light as spring. All my bedding is light so if there is a Southern bug who feels comfortable in my bed, he sticks out like a sore thumb. Stay safe.

  9. Hope Ben is feeling better with every passing hour.


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