Tuesday, 10 January 2017

A Double First for the. New Year

Woo Hoo, I found a new Podcast this morning, Mara Knits. just a short one to begin with, a very friendly and chatty 20 minutes or so.
Mara has her You Tube channel ready loaded with some tutorial videos for the new knitter. I 'fess up to not looking at them yet, but I will later, they were put up as a favour to some of her friends but are available to everyone. I hope that she carries on sharing, mainly as she is an avid sock knitter, and I like her relaxed style. 
She has a knitting project on a pair of HUGE needles that look like rolling pins. I  could not consider trying them, my hands curled up just looking at them.

My other first is an Indie dyer, Rosie's Moments, from Winscombe in Somerset. I was watching the last Bakery Bears podcast yesterday morning and her wool was shown. Well I had to slip over and have a look, and there it was a delicious  looking little morsel,  80% superwash Merino and 20% nylon  called Sprinkles.

I have opened the skein up so that you can see all the little speckles. I think they look like cake decorations, sweet and moreish.

The skein came with a little lavender bag so it smells delightful.

There was also a pretty little stitch marker, I will use this once I cast on.
I ordered this straight away and to my delight it arrived this morning, now of course Iwant to wind it and cast on.

I will be making socks from this yarn, to me it has a subtle look of Christmas about it, the right colours but not bold and in your face. I may have to try and make this my Advent knit, we will see how good my will power is.

On a down note I received 2 letters from the hospital yesterday
One was to cancel my appointment for the 31st and the other was to offer me a new one for Feb 8th. Both sent on the same day from the same hospital, 2 letters, 2 envelopes and the postage cost for 2.
No wonder our health Service has cost issues.

Leaving that behind I have finished the first Hermione sock, just forgot to take a photo. I will later for another post, I am pleased to say that my Kitchener stitch is improving greatly.
Today is Knit and Natter and I am looking forward to it, I have a WW11 sock to work on so no concentration required and I can natter with the best of them.

Now it seems to be tea o'clock so I will leave you here.

                      TTFN                                      Pam


  1. That yarn is so sweet and I hope you have a lovely afternoon x

    1. I had a lovely afternoon, my throat is quite dry now there was a full house today with 2 new ladies.

  2. We have just had the same thing happen with hospital appointments for my husband, it beggars belief.

    1. I admit to not being in the least bit surprised, in fact I expect it to happen again.

  3. Ooooh that is very pretty....and it smells of delicious.
    Sorry about your appointment. Andy had the same quite often throughout his investigations-x-

    1. I expect another cancellation later this month but hey ho we move on.

  4. The wool is gorgeous and I'm desperate to master making socks, but I just can't find an easy pattern. I've gone through youtube but some tutorials just leave me baffled. Do you have a sure-fire pattern for a beginner you could recommend? x

    1. The best pattern and instructions for a first sock can be found on the Winwick Mum blog. She ran a sock a long and all the posts are there to use.
      Another very good one, but is a paid for pattern, is on the Cherry Heart blog. I have heard many people say that Sandra's "my first socks" pattern was marvellous.


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