Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Woolly Bargains

Knit and Natter was very busy yesterday, a full house and some new faces. The shop was heaving, and at times just a teensy bit noisy. 
There had been a delivery of new yarn and to my joy there were bargain packs of pure wool, both British and some Merino blend. Packed in 12 x 50gm balls, I snapped up some for both colour work and a sweater for Fran. I now must keep my purse locked up until I have worked my way through most of this.

This is my bargain wool, the bottom colour in Merino is destined to become a sweater for Francesca at some point, as long as it is ready for her birthday in November. The other colours will become part of a colour work project. I have seen some very pretty (free) patterns on Ravellry. I have not done this kind of knitting since the early 70's but am excited to try.

My Hermione sock, I am very pleased with it and will be casting on the second one this afternoon.


I was not sure about the heel, usually I knit a slip stitch flap with a clearly defined stitch to pick up for the gusset. However this pattern left a row of little bumps instead and was just as easy to knit. I did drop down to 60 stitches rather than the 64 asked for in the pattern. If you remember I was going to use the Mercury pattern, but this sock fits very well so I may use the smaller count on my next pair.

Oops,I have gone off piste,back to my bargains.
Debs is wonderful when it comes to these special offers, she passes on the savings to her customers.
If you are in the area I strongly suggest that you pop in for a look, I cannot see them staying on the shelf for long.

Dinner was a stir fry with some sausages and spicy beans with a little mashed sweet potato, a real mix it up and use it up meal. I tipped a pack of salad leaves onto the stir fry to wilt. We didn't let it linger on the plates for many minutes. Fruit for pudding later if needed. 

Tonight I plan a vegetable chilli and will serve it on a bed of shredded, steamed cabbage. I may even add a few kale leaves as well, the splash of very dark green is as pleasing to the eye as the palate.

Now it is time to wrap Francesca's socks and get them sent off.

                     TTFN                                          Pam


  1. Love those soft colours Pam especially that heathery coloured Masham.
    I have finally admitted defeat and bagged up the wool I had plus my knitting needles and they are going to the charity shop. All I have kept is some yarn which should make some good dishcloths and a crochet hook....I think I can just about manage

  2. nice choice of colours, I am not buying any craft stuff my purse is firmly closed.

  3. Lovely yarn and Ilove the colour way in the sock xx

  4. The yarn choices are a delight to see, loved the beautiful shades. Sadly I am not buying yarn at the moment my purse is firmly shut.

  5. Love those yarn colour choices. Nice squishy goodness.

    God bless.

  6. Love the colours and look forward to seeing the finished sweater!

  7. I love the colour of the socks, I must get my needles out once I finish the baby jackets.

  8. YOur new yarn looks so soft Pam. Enjoy!


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