Thursday 12 January 2017

Will we, Won't we

Get some snow?
I can see snow from my windows, not on the garden but on the fields on the Mountainside. Our day started wet and warm, well maybe not warm but not cold either. 
Ben was not reluctant to go for his first walk but the cold is dropping down upon us and his second walk was virtually non existent.
As he gets older he really does not like the cold and wet together, one or the other and he is fine.
I am working on the foot of my second Hermione sock and have yet to decide what pattern to do next. My Lara Neel book, sock architecture, arrived today and I have had a dip into it. There are patterns galore in it, each with instructions for top down and toe up.
I may decide on one of those although I have a couple of patterns in my folder waiting to be knitted.
Once this sock is cast off I want to dig out my sweater in the round and do some work on that,before casting on another project.
I know that some pod casters have multiple projects on the go, it would drive me doolally trying to decide what to pick up next.
And now I am about to prove myself a liar, I was given a bag of random wool last week. In it there were several balls of mohair, probably blended as it is very soft and not at all prickly. I have picked out 3 colours and want to knit a shawl, I do have a pattern but need 10mm needles. I will wait until next Tuesday and see if Debs has any, or some  interchangeable points.

I am hoping to go to a crafting get together in Bethlehem (near llandeilo) tomorrow, but it all depends on the weather. It runs from 10:30 -4:00 once a month and I have been wanting to go for ages. This time is the first that nothing else is planned so fingers crossed.

My veg chilli was delicious and there is just enough to turn into an oggy for tomorrow. Today I have pork chops marinading in a chilli, honey and liquid smoke concoction. They will go into the oven with jacket potatoes and some peas and sweetcorn should do nicely for veg.

My shopping list is very small again for this weekend, milk, veg, bread and a bag of strong wholemeal flour, not forgetting food for Ben. I hope there will not be a heap of bargains as I will have no room to store them.

I plan on making Pizza over the weekend, I have some butternut squash that once roasted is a good topping with some kale. I also want to plan a meal to use some of the chicken fillets from last weeks bargain buys, Ben has tried them and approved greatly. At less than £1 per kilo they are a cheap treat for him, every now and then.

Ooh yes, I watched the Martin Clunes program, set on the Australian Islands, last night. Part of it was on Norfolk Island where they have their unique dialect. One of the residents has written poems and books in the dialect, to keep it alive, and read some out. Well quite a bit of it sounded much like the broad Norfolk that I grew up with, but when Martin read it he made it sound West Indian! 

On that note I am off  to do a bit more Knitting and then a bloggy catch up reading session.

Stay warm and safe.

                    TTFN                                             Pam


  1. No snow here Pam but then we never get any. It always seems to pass us by here.
    Smudge is a walkie shirker....he hides under the table. Poor old soul.
    Those pork chops sound good.
    Enjoy the crafting get together-x-

  2. No snow here on the east coast either, plenty of rain though. Hope you get to your craft meeting tomorrow xx

  3. Still now snow here, but they are now issuing a red warning for the coastal tidal surge. Time will tell.

  4. Snow here and it keeps trying to have another go!


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