Monday, 2 January 2017

Blue skies and sunshine

It has been a glorious day, the sky was blue as the sun slipped over the top of the mountain this morning and my heart sung with joy.
It is such a simple thing but after shoving several loads of washing through the dryer I was delighted to get the last 2 loads out in the fresh air.
It is lovely having visitors but oh the washing, it goes beyond the obvious bed linen. There were piles of towels, tea towels (extra mouths to feed = more washing up) dish cloths, place mats oven cloths etc etc. Oops I nearly forgot the sofa and bed throws, I can not have heating on at night so extra throws are for the chilly ones.

My first sock is just about done, 2 more rows of toe decreases and then Kitchener, no longer a terror to me. I am knitting it in Stylecraft Head over Heels. It is softish but I would not want a shawl or scarf made with it and I am not enjoying knitting it up. I find it fuzzy, it has a pronounced halo, and is quite splitty. That bothers me as I have another ball for socks and two for a shawl. I much prefer the King Cole ZigZag, I do have WYS fingering sock yarn and have knitted a few pairs and found it excellent. 

I also have some lovely hand dyed yarn but would not dream of comparing it to the mainstream stuff. Perhaps once the socks are both knitted, washed and blocked I will change my view. Watch this space.

Dinner is a curry, cooked and cooled to reheat later. I just took a selection of veg from the fridge, sliced and diced and sweated it in coconut oil with some cumin seeds. Then added turmeric, hot paprika, fenugreek leaves and some generic curry powder. Once sizzled for a minute or 2 I tipped in a tin of chopped tomatoes and enough veg stock to almost cover the veg, a good grind of salt and pepper then on with a lid to simmer till the veg were just soft.
This will make at least 3 portions, if I add chick peas it will feed 4. I do have some diced lamb left over so may add that to some to freeze. The bones should have gone for stock but instead Ben had one yesterday and will have the other tomorrow.

It is almost 4:15 and the sun is sinking behind the Morriston Mountain, once it slides out of sight it will be virtually dark. I know that the days are drawing out, minute by minute but I am so looking forward to seeing some evening hours.

On that note I am going to bid you bye bye, I have just a little ironing and would like it done and out of the way.

                   TTFN                                                       Pam


  1. Isn't it funny how we all like different things. I love the dark nights rather than the endless days of summer.
    It didn't go dark here until about 4:45pm.
    Enjoy your curry....we are having meatballs tonight-x-

  2. It has been a glorious day, I love these blue sky frosty days, I am also looking forward to some lighter evenings, I have a pot of chilli on the stove for dinner.

  3. It never ceases to amaze how different the weather can be around the UK, here it rained most of the day. I too am in the process of catching up with the washing.

  4. I envy your ability to be so organised! My Mum ended her stay here four days ago now and I still haven't even been in the spare room!
    Another freezing one today by the looks of things, keep warm. Jess

  5. I love that first paragraph! That is exactly how I feel when I see the sun coming up. We could us a few sunny days right now. Even the cold weather is easier to take if the sun will just shine. I need sunshine!


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