Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Still here.

Thank you all for your very kind comments on my last post, I don't have the winter blues as we have had more sunshine than grey here.
I know that I am eager to get the hospital visit done and dusted, and I am fed up to the back teeth with this slow way of living. I feel the need to get out for a lovely long hike round the footpaths but just don't have the energy. 
Perhaps I need an injection of patience, or a rub down with the Sporting Life!?
Even my knitting has slowed down, I often find myself waking up and realising that I have been out cold for 15 minutes or so.
I did finish Frans merino socks, I meant to put sock yarn heels and toes in but was in such a hurry to finish them in time to post that I forgot to change yarn for the toes.

She loved them anyway.

My Kitchener toe finish gets better with every pair.

I finished my Rainbow Sherbet socks last night and am so pleased with them. They are my second pair using the Mercury sock pattern and will not be my last.

I found a few new podcasts to watch over the past week of inactivity, one is the Relatively Crafty form the US. Cristi is a "veteran" sock knitter, she has just gone past the 200 pairs, and knits hers Toe up with a Turkish cast on and an afterthought heel. Most of her socks are stripey and all are super bright. I quite fancy trying this way and have watched her tutorial video on the cast on. Once she has put up the video of the heel I will be trying both. In the meantime I have cast on the first sock in a brown/cream self striping yarn in Drops Fabel. I aim to put the afterthought heel in these and then try Toe up on the next pair. I may have ordered some stripey wool from Little French Meadow to use.

I have a slight problem that I hope someone can help me with. I want to buy something from a very talented crafter in the US. She does not have an Etsy shop, just sells from her blog. I just have no idea how to get the money to her, any ideas will be gratefully received.
I was planning on going to my bank to ask but have not been up to the driving, my shopping trip on Sunday was very short and wiped me out for 2 days.

I missed knit and natter yesterday, I had a sciatica attack and the painkillers make it unsafe for me to drive.

Ben has had shorter walks but it doesn't bother him at all, he just burns off his excess energy skittering around the house and garden.

On that note I have to say that my energy levels are dipping. I will have a cuppa and then see if Ben needs a walk yet.

Before I go I want to welcome and thank all the new (and not so new) readers who have joined me. I know that I am remiss in leaving this so long, my problem is that I start typing and can not get it all down fast enough, then the moment is gone and my mind has left it far behind. A scatter brained flibbertigibbet, that's what I am, so profuse apologies and a big welcome.

                     TTFN                                                  Pam


  1. Pam sorry you are having a frustrating slowish episode please dont try and beat yourself up but try and go with the flow rest when you have to and work hard when you can. Its annoying i know first hand. If you have a paypal account and your friend has it should not be a problem. I bought some Tiffany stle lamps from the States last year. The process is very secure once you are registered. As you friend has no shop it will be a matter of sending funds to her in person and if you put a note on as to what the payment is for you will leave a paper trail as well. If you have difficulties - I am not being rude here even I have problems it may be worth having a chat to Dawn. Those socks look lovely. Just take it steady and try and listen to whst your body is telling you take are. Pattypan xx

  2. Pam....I'm sure I've seen something in Tesco where you can do money transfers. I've not looked at it properly as I have had no need to use it but it might be useful.
    So good to see a post from you today-x-

  3. I would be happy to get it for you and bring it over in could send me the money to my son's house in the UK after I sent it to you. Or you could get US money and send cash...I have been sending birthday money over in £'s, as it's too expensive to wire over £20 or so....

  4. Pam, does the US crafter accept credit cards or paypal?

    Rose P.

  5. So sorry that you are still struggling with health issues. The sock knitting is wonderful though - especially the Rainbow Sherbert Socks.

    I can't help you over buying stuff from your friend in the States, but hope someone else can.

  6. Does she accept PayPal? Easy enough to set up an account there. Or email and ask if she'll take post office money orders?

    But be aware, the postage from North America can be very expensive and might in some cases cost more than the product.

  7. If your blog friend sends you a paypal invoice - you just give her your e-mail address - then you can just pay it through your paypal account and behold the money will transfer. Hope that helps. Hope the doctors appointment comes soon so you can move on a little at least with knowing what is happening.

  8. Can you make a PayPal payment through her email, I have used this system before.

  9. Hope you get some of your energy back soon. I think the US crafter may take Pay Pal. Maybe that is how she sends her invoice out.

  10. Perhaps you could try paying through PayPal, ask her if she'll accept that.

  11. I know from experience that arranging an international bank transfer or bank check is too expensive with regard to fees. Do you and the seller have Paypal? I've heard it's international. The only thing I can think of is something like a Visa or American Express gift card or loadable debit card. I know something that used to work--Traveller's checks from AAA, which has offices globally. But I don't know if they even offer those anymore. Hope somebody else has more experience with this.

  12. I would check into if that blogger would accept payment through Paypal. You would have to
    Register for an account but its quite easy to send money that way.

  13. I have sock envy, love them both but the rainbow sherbert ones are a delight. If you have a post office locally they may help with the transfer of money to the US. Take care.

  14. Can you not use PayPal? I have sold wool in Ravelry to America and it all went well.

    Hope things improve for you soon. I feel quite unwell too. I have been ill since Christmas but still entertained a large family and this last week I travelled up. Orthodox and looked after my 2 baby grandaughters who were both ill so their parents could have a short weekend break. Home now but I think I am it fit enough for looking after littlest and I hate that.

  15. Hello Pam, have you emailed the lady or contacted her - she will probably know the most cost effective way of doing it? Sorry if you tried that already! Maybe have a go at ringing your bank instead. I'm sorry to hear you are still not right and you sound frustrated but so tired x Your sock knitting is just fabulous x

  16. Pam, glad you are back! Could you pay online via your credit or debit card? If not, you should be able to ask the bank for a bank transfer. However, be very wary of importing from the States because you will be charged VAT @ 20% plus a handling fee from the Post Office for anything imported from outside the EU. I got caught just as the rules changed! The PO charged me £8.00!!! I understand that sometimes sellers put a lower value on the parcel and paperwork to avoid some fees but I don't quite know how this works.

  17. I have been checking about sending money over here. Have a look at Transferwise. It seems the best wasy. Do you need a link? JanF

  18. Hi Pam, sorry to hear you're still having problems, I won't go into it but I am on the same road as you at the moment. Sick to death of attending hospital appointments and having unpleasant tests albeit necessary. I often drop off when knitting and usually end up having to pick up dropped stitches 😊. Regarding buying from the lady in the USA the best way is PayPal very safe and you have back up if there are problems. You will love knitting socks toe up method I've just conquered it and thoroughly enjoy it, knitting two at a time is easier toe up as well. I'm trying to polish my efforts of continental knitting, I'm ambidextrous and am having problems with my neck going into spasm so giving my right hand and arm a rest. I can do the knit fine but the purl is taking some mastering. Take care lovely lady, listen when your body tells you to rest, I know you love to be active in loads of ways but sometimes you also need to rest. Gentle hugs to you. Peg x

  19. Just a thought I forgot to leave on my comment, have you tried Knotty knit Wits podcasts they're great and very amusing 😊

  20. Hello, I just found your blog from "mean queen's" blog list. I sympathize with you, as I had sciatica for over a year off & on. I'm recovering from a spinal fusion & five or six other things the Dr. did. Pain zaps energy for sure.
    I also knit socks from the toe up. I much prefer that method, as you can fit the sock perfectly to the foot. It's important that the stitch tension in the beginning isn't too loose. I love my toe up socks.

    I use paypal for most of my purchases online from an individual. I just bought some beautiful mohair from a lady in France for doll hair. I hope your purchase goes well.

    I hope you feel better.


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