Friday, 13 January 2017

We Did

The snow dropped down into the valley late yesterday afternoon and we have a glistening blanket of white. By some standards (mine included) this is not really snow, you would struggle to make a snow baby never mind a man.
There is more forecast so I am hunkering down and keeping busy indoors.
I will not be driving to Bethlehem even though the roads are clear now. I would hate to leave the hall at 4:00 to find that the roads were covered. I have driven in snowy conditions but only when the journey was necessary. There are more than enough essential vehicles on the road, casual drivers ought to stay away in bad conditions.
I cast off my sock yesterday evening and cast on a pair of bed socks for my chilly footed friend, they only take a day to knit so if the weather doesn't change I will put them in the post tomorrow morning.
Francesca rang last night to say that her new socks had arrived and that she was wearing them. She also ordered another pair and ( if I have time) another thick sweater, the one I gave her for Christmas has only been off her body to be washed. This helps to justify my yarn stash as I have enough chunky yarn to knit her half a dozen sweaters.

Back to the weather, the East Coast has had dire warnings and many have been evacuated. This is the worst time of the year for high winds raging from the sea, the tides are very high and that wind factor makes it very dangerous. I am very happy to be living here in my valley sheltered by the mountains.

I am off to make my breakfast, and another cuppa, so keep warm and safe. If you are living in the sun remember to slip, slap, slop and keep cool and safe.

                 TTFN                                        Pam


  1. It is snowy here, not lots, but enough to keep me off the roads and it looks as though it is having another go at the moment. Our road is very icy and I feel no need to join the others driving on it. Hope you stay warm and safe, enjoy your knitting!

  2. Yes I'm glad I live slap, bang in the middle of the country and not by the coast. It must be really scary.
    It's a shame you are missing your crafty thing but better safe than sorry.
    Have a lovely snuggly day-x-

  3. We had more snow overnight, there is now an artic blast blowing across the mountain so no chance of a thaw, there is an amber alert of ice from 4pm today so you are wise to stay in off the road

  4. I live on the East coast, the problem is the tidal surge anticipated anytime now. We have been warned not to walk on any of the promenades or coastal walks. Thankfully my home has never been flooded but never say never.

  5. No snow here on the Blackpool/Cleveleys coast not a single flake. We did have the high winds and tides though.


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