Monday 21 August 2017

Back on the wagon.

The "healthy eating" wagon, that is. Much as I enjoyed the fat and sugar hit of jammy doughnuts and cream, I was glad to return to real food yesterday.

Lots of veg and fresh fruit, we did have pizza but it was a thin crust and topped with a rainbow of veggies and a scant sprinkle of Parmesan. A spicy apple crumble was destined to be pudding (the SO is a bit of a crumble fiend) but a fresh apple from the garden replaced it.

I did get in a good walk with Ben and a longer one with Rufus in the morning before the rain set in. It hammered down most of the latter half of the day and was still coming down at 10:30 last night. This morning there is a heavy mist/drizzle obscuring the view from my windows.

My plan today is to work my way through my "crumb quilt" box. There are several large blocks, waiting to be cut down and many more smaller part blocks. Then there is a heap of crumbs waiting to be sewn together. I think that there is a small quilt in there striving for freedom and I have enough solid yardage for sashing and borders. I may add cornerstones depending on how I feel when the time comes. This will be a gifted quilt as soon as a home waves to me.
I have most of the day to fill, the SO will be away painting, and I want to be as productive as possible. I would be really happy to get the blocks and sashing assembled into a flimsy ready to layer and quilt over the rest of the week. I am toying with the notion of using buttons to attach the layers together, I haven't done that for ages and there are jars of pretty buttons to showcase.

Dinner tonight will be a bean and veg mix in a light cheese sauce with a cobbler topping. A few teaspoons of spicy chutney dropped here and there through the base give lovely pops of flavour. I add fresh thyme leaves to the topping for more flavour.

The jumper for Ivy is progressing well, the back is done and the front is just a few rows away from dividing for the neck. I have a pair of thick socks and then another Miette lined up to keep my fingers away from evening snacking.

Ben has just come and told me, in no uncertain terms, that it is long past his walk time. Nothing to do with the fact that he was snoring his head off until 3 minutes ago, Oh No, it is my fault for sitting on my btm.

                                  TTFN                               Pam

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  1. I am joining you on the healthy eating wagon, I definataly need to lose a little weight.


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