Saturday 5 August 2017

So far, so good.

The weather has done a U turn, let's hope that it lasts, the sun is shining and there is more blue sky than cloud. A load of washing pegged out and another getting ready to join it.

I was busy most of yesterday and no knitting and very little sewing happened.
We went to look at the house that is scheduled for decorating and got a pleasant surprise, it was reasonably clean. The kitchen cupboards had the usual scattering of marks and crumbs. My worse fears regarding the oven were unfounded, it doesn't look as though it has been used.
The garden will need a quick tidy up, weed killing on the drive and front hard standing and a small amount of rubbish to move.

There are 4 bedrooms, a lounge and a dining room plus hall stairs and landing to paint. One wall in the dining room is a deep red and one wall in the lounge has been papered with a dark pattern, they may both stay it just depends on what the owner wants.
The SO will be a busy bee for a while, there is another one lined up already.

We had a scratch dinner last night, neither of us was very hungry. I fished 2 Chicken Kievs from the freezer and cooked in the small oven, with a slice of homemade bread it was just enough and a juicy nectarine was the perfect pudding.
Dinner tonight will be meatloaf, I made a batch and froze them in slices a couple of weeks ago and I am planning a steak and kidney pie for Sunday.

Today I have to knuckle down and get that quilt binding finished and cut out the fabric for the bag. I also need to decide whether to make a little dog or perhaps an elephant to complete the set.

Then there is the new heart pattern that Lucy from Attic24 has just posted, oh boy is that calling to me, I can see a row of them on my wall.

Now I better get that second wash pegged out as it will soon be time to collect Rufus.

                             TTFN                                                      Pam

PS. Have a good weekend.


  1. Mmm chicken kievs. I'm hungry now.

  2. Glad there wasn't too much to do at the house. Is that the SO's new job?

  3. I saw the little hearts on Lucy's blog...they are adorable.

    Oh gosh...I need a chicken kiev now. Might have to get some in for tea one day this week. I love, love, love them-x-


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