Sunday 20 August 2017

Eyes Upwards.

I am weather watching, there is a line of washing dancing in the breeze. The sun has been shining but it is obvious that rain is on it's way.

Miette is finished bar the buttons, I aim to get her blocked later on today. I have the yarn ready for another but have cast on a sweater for Ivy, I fancied doing a little knitting project first.

I made marmalade, from a tin of mamade, yesterday. I added the juice and pulp from a huge lemon to give it a little extra bite.

More blackberries have been gathered and once the apples have been chopped up there will be a jelly bag suspended in the kitchen filling the house with the heady scent of glories to come.

I have a couple of sewing projects ready to finish off, it should have happened yesterday. I fell down the rabbit hole of kitchen cupboard tidying, which of course meant that they were deep cleaned. Boom, the day was over.

I settled down in front of the telly in the evening, with a box set of Murdoch mysteries, and finished Miette. I hate picking up stitches and as I had added rows I had to finagle it. It looks good though and once blocked I will be getting the buttons on so that it is ready to wear.

I have a new addition to the sitting room, a wall clock with a pendulum, I hope that the ticking becomes soothing .....soon, very soon. The last one that I had was so comforting, ticking away the hours, but it has been a while since it died and I have become accustomed to the silence of a carriage clock.

I would love a long case clock but the modern ones are too new looking and the old ones are not only "how ###### much", but too large for my room.

Ben had a bath last night, a new shampoo for his flaky skin. It is the third time that I have used it and it seems to be effective. He is having  salmon added to every meal to help with the general skin condition. He is resigned to eating it. Ha ha, he attacks it with gusto and licks the dish as clean as a whistle.

Nothing much else to share, dinner last night was a very bone idle burger in some chilli bread with corn on the cob. The SO had cherry pie and whipped cream for pudding.
I was a total slob and had 2, YES 2, doughnuts AND I used them to wipe every last scraping of cream from the dish it was whipped in.
In my defence I can only say that I felt like a child again, licking the dish after my Gran had a baking session.

It Was Wonderful.

On that note I am off to get a brew on and check the skies again.

                          TTFN                                         Pam



  1. Pam I would love to see your Miette, I made one several years ago and loved the pattern. Have a good day.

  2. You will be glad to hear that long case clocks have never been cheaper than they are right now (prices are on the ground and auctioneers practically in tears trying to get a couple of hundred for something that sold for thousands "back in the day".) Yet, if they don't fit, they don't fit!

    I'm glad that Sam is enjoying his "medicine".

    You knit incredibly fast btw!

  3. Hi Pam :) You sound busy! I had big plans to preserve tomatoes this weekend, but they are so darn expensive this year. The cold summer has affected everyone. Do you notice if the salmon helps in the shedding as well? Enjoy your weather watching!

  4. I did smile at the doughnuts and cream, sadly I have been a slob too many times whist away and have added a couple of inches to the waistline. I am been firm with myself...I can't guarantee it will last.

  5. I made one several years ago and loved the pattern. Have a good day.

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