Tuesday 8 August 2017

Inertia strikes again

Not really total inertia, just a small fit of the "can't help its, and don't intend to try".
 Two days with nothing much to report, walking, cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing. All the usual activities along with more upheaval in the house. A new blind in the sitting room meant that the window recess had to be modified. The recess sides are angled out, to allow more light in I assume, and this has been sorted. It did lead to much measuring and tutting, quite a bit of muttering and some carpentry, all is now well.
I have been busy making some gifts for a small person, you know how it is you trim the threads off the last item, put everything away, and then think "oh perhaps I should make a ....." and out it all comes again. I just have to find a 20" cushion pad and I have finished, although there is this pattern for an owl.....

I will be at knit and Natter today, I missed the last 2 weeks due to hospital appointments, I will soon have more records there than Elvis ever made.
I will take my snuggly blanket to crochet, I expect to have lots of chatter to catch up on. 

My sister has her parcel of sewing and quilting goodies, I have found a few more things and a pack of yarn to send off. That gives me a bit more space and her lots to do once the nights start drawing in. I know that it is early August but I feel Autumn nipping at my heels. I am hoping for an Indian Summer, 6 weeks worth would be lovely.

Now the clock is ticking away and I need to get a wriggle on.

                 TTFN                                            Pam


  1. Hi Pam, I feel Autumn is already nipping at the heels of summer. My corn is really looking good and I am hoping for a few nice cobs a bit later in the month. I plan to make a beautiful quilt as soon as the nights start drawing in properly.I have so much fabric to use up and it seems such a shame for it to sit there gathering dust... Not sure how many quilts one couple really need though.

  2. I'm going through a bit of a can't be bothered thing at the moment. Mostly because Andy is home and under my feet.
    Will hopefully be back to normal next week-x-

  3. I agree that an Indian summer would be lovely, and at least for me, very much needed this year. We had to put the HEAT on last went down to 6C...way too cold, even with 4 extra blankets we couldn't stop shivering.

  4. Any kind of summer would be welcome! It has been truly unpleasant here. I hope you enjoyed knit and natter, what a great way to while some time away.


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